Yixing Art Garden scenery: “Purple words and Ink language” Jingyi six people calligraphy and painting ceramic art exhibition style

2022-04-29 0 By

In the cold spring, six local artists in Yixing, namely Zha Yuankang, Cheng Tongde, Cheng Wei, Cheng Peng, Zhou Jianming and Ma Weimin, jointly held their painting and ceramic art exhibition on the afternoon of February 16th in Yixing Rong Media Center.A total of 90 pieces of exhibition works, quiet elegant show, elegant style, focusing on the exhibition artists in the creation and production of calligraphy and painting ceramics climb the results, as well as the author’s understanding of art, artistic views, professional quality.On the afternoon of the same day, Ma Zhong, member of the Standing Committee of Yixing Municipal Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department and Minister of United Front Work Department, Zhang Yi, deputy mayor of Yixing Municipal government and relevant persons from Yixing visited the exhibition.The theme of the exhibition is “Purple words and Ink words”, with an inscription by Zhang Jianhua, chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Literary and Art.”Purple Words and Ink language — Jingyi Six people painting and calligraphy ceramic Art Exhibition” sponsored by Jiangsu Calligrapher’s Association, Wuxi Literary federation, Wuxi calligrapher’s Association, Yixing Rong Media Center, Yixing Literary Federation, Yixing ceramic Industry association.The artists cha yuan kang, synchronization DE, he, drums, jian-ming zhou, wei-min ma respectively have different life history, in the exploration and practice calligraphy and painting pottery art pursue the road of combining, understands the traditional again not fettered by the rule, always through specialized knowledge and skills training to promote the quality of art, the pursuit of accord with contemporary aesthetic style,Through hard study and hard work, they have established a wide influence in the Ceramic Capital Art Garden.On the afternoon of the opening ceremony, six artists donated their works to yixing Rong Media Center.(Jiangnan Evening News reporter He Xiaobing)