Zeng Fanbo quit all-star!Cunningham wins MVP!The NBA rookie game is a knockout

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Beijing time on February 19, the official start of all-star weekend, the first of today’s rookie challenge, celebrity challenge and key ball challenge.NBA officials have announced that Zeng fanbo has withdrawn from the critical shot Challenge due to injury.The highlight of the day is the Rookie Challenge, or Rookie Challenge for short, which has been a bit of a drag in recent years.This year, NBA officials decided to adopt a new format: 1. 28 players divided into four teams of seven;2. Two semi-finals will be played first, and the winning teams will play a final.3. The goal is 50 points in the semi-final and 25 points in the final (you can win if you reach the goal).Isaiah Thomas: Sadiq Bay, Edwards, Achuwa, Bain, Halliburton, Hardy, Stewart.James Worthy team: Cole Anthony, Jaylen Green, Beauchamp, Keady, Jones, Maxie, Suggs.Gary Payton: Three goals, Henderson (sparks), Barnes, Dausum, McDaniels, Davion Mitchell, Kuminga.Rick Barry’s team: Cunningham, Daniels, Mobley, Okoro, Shin Kyung, Tate, Wagner.Thomas and Worthy took the lead in a semi-final, and despite having Edwards and Haliburton at the back, the Smiley Assassin didn’t let the pair play for long.In an entertaining semi-final that saw both teams barely defend, Thomas advanced to the final with a 50-49 victory over Worthy thanks to bain’s late penalty winner.To interfere with Bain’s final free throw, Kol Anthony pulled his pants down!I got to say, this guy’s a real daredevil!Courtside worthy thought: let you up the intensity, not let you up the scale!Thomas Haliburton had two points, four rebounds and seven assists, Edwards had four points and two assists, Sadiq Bay had 16 points, four rebounds, three assists, three steals and one shot, and Bain had 10 points and two assists.Jaylen Green scored a game-high 20 points for Worthy, followed by 16 points from Suggs and four points and three assists from Kol Anthony.Jaylen Green and Carmelo Anthony will compete in tomorrow’s Slam Dunk contest.Players like Threeball, Huazi, and Halliburton are big players in rookie tournaments, so they don’t work too hard and sweat a little bit.In the second semifinal, Payton and Barry played much more intense than the first game, both tight defense and physical play!Bari relied on Mobley to dominate the inside, but three goals kept the score close.The teams were 47-48. Payton trailed by one, missed three shots from outside, and then made one of two free throws to tie the game at 48.Tate makes a game-winning layup, and Barry beats Payton 50-48.Cunningham had 13 points, five rebounds and six assists, Mobley had 13 points and eight rebounds, and Tate had seven points and six rebounds.Three shots, eight points, two rebounds and two steals, daniels had 12 points and Barnes had nine points and four rebounds.The final was between Team Thomas and Team Barry, with 25 points needed to win.Edwards may have been injured, and he didn’t play much.Cunningham, the no. 1 pick, became the focal point of the court and became the heart of the Barry offense.Not to be outdone, Thomas’ Achuwa hit two 3-pointers to make it 20-20.In the deciding moment, Isiah – Thomas actually substituted Achuwa.Cunningham took over, hitting a key 3-pointer and then a pass to Wagner, who made the final free throw.Barry beat Thomas 25-20 to win the rookie championship!Cunningham scored 5 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists in the finals, totaling 18 points in the two games, and was named MVP.Achuwa scored 12 points and three rebounds in the final, while his teammates combined for eight points.The last time to replace the team thigh, smile assassin this operation is also no one…Do you feel better about the rookie competition?