Zhang Weiliang listened to the report on the comprehensive water control plan and the treatment of urban vulnerable water accumulation risk points fan Chenghua attended the meeting

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Zhang Weiliang listen to global city water conservancy project and easy seeper point of risk management report stresses adhere to when problem oriented Promote the global water conservancy in order to speed up the construction of modern regional central city to provide strong support FanChengHua on February 15, to attend the meeting in the afternoon, such as municipal party committee, municipal government held a special meeting, listen to the whole domain water conservancy action plan and urban water three years risk management report.Party secretary Zhang Weiliang host meetings and stressed that to carry out ecological civilization thought xi jinping, strictly implement the “priority to water saving and spatial equilibrium, system management, his hands with” water control guidelines, adhere to water city, with fixed water, with water a person, in order to water DingChan, with problem oriented to promote global water conservancy, in order to speed up the construction of regional central city of modernization to provide strong support.Mayor Fan Chenghua attended the meeting.Zhang Weiliang pointed out that water is the source of life, maintaining a healthy water ecology and promoting sustainable use of water resources is a major issue concerning the national economy and people’s livelihood and ensuring high-quality development, which is particularly important for Handan.In recent years, through the joint efforts of the whole city, the water conservancy work in Handan has achieved remarkable results, and the ability of disaster prevention and reduction has been continuously improved, but it still faces many shortcomings and problems.The third plenary session of the 10th Municipal Party Committee and the “two sessions” of the city put forward the goal of “water control in all areas”, we should adhere to the political position, shoulder the historical responsibility, make solid progress, promote the high-quality development of handan water conservancy in the new era, and better benefit the people.Zhang weiliang stressed that handan should make a thorough analysis and comprehensive analysis of the outstanding problems existing in water resources, water security, water ecology and water environment, and formulate a three-year action plan for all-for-one water control with high standards and high standards by coordinating the current and long-term, overall and key areas, river basins and regions, security and development.It is necessary to focus on the current regional water control projects, clarify the construction mode, construction schedule and completion time, and see results as soon as possible.Each county (city, district) to refine the implementation plan, so that the whole city coordinated promotion.We should study and master the policies of the superiors, increase the intensity of competition, strive for more financial support, and provide good factor guarantee.Relevant departments at all levels should clarify their responsibilities, refine their division of labor, and work together to ensure that all tasks are implemented.Zhang Weiliang pointed out that in recent years, the drainage and waterlogging system in the main urban area has been improved, and the vulnerable water points have decreased year by year, but there are still risks and hidden dangers.We should adopt a systematic approach to promote the systematic management of urban water-prone areas, closely integrate the overall control of water resources, coordinate the immediate and long-term, comprehensive and key areas, and the implementation of projects at the municipal and county levels. We should make all-out efforts to ensure the early completion and early return of projects, and constantly improve the capacity and level of safe flood control in cities.City leaders Zhang CAI, Li Xuejun, Zhao Hongshan, Zhang Yongxin attended the meeting.◈ sixty-three years looking for relatives road, Handan public security help thousands of miles to reunion!
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