60 years old rich woman: “who let me give birth to the child property to who”, 2 years passed the child gave birth to?

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We’ve all heard of this news.However, most of them are liars.Of course, there are also true, today we want to say the real story, happened in Zhejiang rich woman.She really loves kids, but she’s over 60.This age generally speaking, affirmation is bad to be pregnant, if look for old age, that basically have no chance.She set her sights on young people, who are so energetic that 60 is not out of the question.Therefore, she will publish the information through the Internet to attract more boys to contact her.If you can make yourself pregnant and give birth to a child, in addition to two houses, you can also get a bonus of $1 million a year.And it’s an agreement. It’s not a lie. It’s a puppy.The 60-year-old rich woman is a real rich woman. Her family are all rich.Helpless, her middle-aged bereaved husband, old age bereaved daughter.Seeing her wealth uninherited, she was unwilling to stay behind.Therefore, if she wants to be pregnant, it must be a natural pregnancy, as long as there is something that can make her pregnant, she will not go back on her word, money for her rich people, nothing at all, she simply want to have a child.It’s that simple!At that time her marriage advertisement out, a large number of young men began to contact her, she chose a young man of more than 20 years old, two people got married, after marriage, two people began to make people, surprise……The rich woman’s name was Wang Mei. She was born on March 18, 1959 in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.Her wealth had something to do with the advantages her parents had given her, for her father had been the director of a large factory before she was born, and her mother was also an employee of the same factory.With her parents having such jobs, she never had to worry about money.In fact, in her whole life, she has never been short of money. I wonder what it is like to be without money.She had a brother eight years older than she and a sister four years older, making her the third child in the family.The three of them were well educated by their parents, who gave them the best education possible, especially her brother, who inherited their father’s business acumen and laid the foundation for their future wealth.In the 1980s, when China encouraged entrepreneurship during the reform and opening-up period, Wang Mei’s brother took the lead, capturing the first wave of entrepreneurial dividends and becoming a more successful businessman than his father.Her brother owned his own textile factory and made money.Elder brother’s human connection, let wang Mei in the future successfully entered the rich circle, and the rich married.Wang Mei and her sister both chose to be teachers. At that time, teachers were very enviable.Although you can’t be rich and expensive, the iron rice bowl is definitely not hungry.If wang Mei’s fate is good, his brother’s success, let him know many successful people.These successful people are young and driven.He chose a potential Mr. Right for his sister Wang Mei.This man is Li Jiaming.Li Jiaming is a dare to dare to do, young had their own factory.He was also very fond of Wang Mei, and they got married after knowing each other for more than a year.Their wedding day was April 16, 1983.After they got married, they both wanted to have a child.However, four or five years passed, wang Mei has not been pregnant, they saw a doctor, there is nothing serious, but they still took traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate.The medicine did not come for nothing. At the age of 30, Wang Mei finally got pregnant.In 1989, at the age of 30, Wang Mei got pregnant. After she became pregnant, she quit her job as a teacher and stayed at home.In fact, she could have stopped working a long time ago.However, being alone at home is also boring.Now pregnant or very not easy to conceive, this can not be careless, even if it is boring also have to stay at home.Of course, due to the care taken, their baby was delivered safely.It’s a daughter, and they named her Li Xiaorui!The birth of Li Xiaorui made this already rich family even richer.As the family business has grown in recent years, they have accumulated a lot of wealth and earned more and more each year.Of course, no one will despise their money, although they are very rich, a few lifetimes do not earn enough to eat and drink.Still, they choose to make more money.Ten years passed, their wealth increased a lot, but, an accident also came.When li Xiaorui was 12 years old, on March 12, 2002, Wang Mei and her husband drove to Nanjing to talk about business. Unexpectedly, they rear-ended a truck and had a traffic accident.They were both seriously injured. Her husband died and she was resuscitated.However, her left leg is also disabled.The husband was already the backbone of the family. He did all the business.Now that the husband is gone, will the business continue?For Wang Mei, the wealth accumulated by her family was enough.She didn’t have to be so busy, so eventually she decided to turn the mill over to her brother.Of course, brother gave her a condition, is to give her 10 percent of the shares every year.It was a 10 percent stake in both companies. After that, Wang mei and her daughter focused on enjoying life.Two years earlier, Wang mei’s sister had settled in the United States, and she wanted her daughter to go to school there, too.So I chose an international school in Shanghai.I did not expect that my daughter died in the United States, life is really volatile.In 2008, her daughter Li Xiaorui was admitted to the University of Michigan through her own efforts and with the support of her family.During college, she applied for the graduate program of Northwestern University.Later, she was successfully admitted.Although said daughter Li Xiaorui and Wang Mei two places apart, but, see daughter day by day excellent, sensible day by day.Wang Mei was very happy, especially after her daughter graduated from graduate school, she found a good job and was able to settle down in the United States.She had planned to live with her daughter in the future.However, the day has unforeseen circumstances, let her did not think of is, the daughter encountered unforeseen circumstances.In 2018, her daughter invited a colleague to her home, which was destroyed by the worst mudslide in a century, killing all the people they were visiting.Wang Mei almost fainted when she heard the news.After that, she had to collect herself and go to the United States to attend her daughter’s funeral.After the funeral, Wang mei’s sister asked her to stay in the United States to relax, afraid that she could not accept such a shock.It was at her sister’s house, seeing her sister had three children, that a new idea struck her.If she had had two more children, she would still have children and not be alone.But then she thought about it.Even now it’s not too late. She wants another baby, and when she tells her brother and sister, they say she’s crazy.A man on his way to 60 and having a baby, what is not madness?However, Wang Mei did not believe in evil spirits. She did not believe that she could have a child of her own.What Wang Mei thought was that it was impossible for a woman and a man in their late sixties to have a child.But a woman in her late 60s and a man in his 20s May not be, and may have several children.She didn’t make much money, but she spent it, and she had a lot of it.She knew that the world, the lack of money is always most, as long as they can afford money, certainly can help their dream of men.Thinking of this, she began to lay out her own child plan.She flew from the United States to her hometown of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in 2018, initially attending a matchmaking event.However, she found that the people she met on blind dates were mostly older people.Younger people seem to be less interested in themselves, or the dating community is smaller.With failed dating cases, she had to turn to the Internet.On the Internet, she only has one condition, as long as it is able to give birth to their children to the man, can get their own in Ningbo 2 sets of houses, in addition, millions of company dividends every year.7 This temptation is really too big, so that many people think this is a 60-year-old female cheater, this world can have such a good thing?But even so, many men tried to contact Wang mei.If you think about it carefully, it seems that you can not deceive yourself.When Wang Mei’s brother and sister saw wang Mei’s offer, they still thought her sister was crazy. To put it plainly, they still didn’t believe her sister could get pregnant.However, she could not be discouraged, she set out this condition, a look is determined to win.In fact, both wang Mei’s brother and sister were afraid that wang Mei would be cheated of her money.Wang Mei also said that she was also on guard against others. Before she was pregnant, she only provided 200,000 yuan for men’s daily expenses, that is, 200,000 yuan a year.The real big money, you have to give it after you have a baby.Two hundred grand to them is a drizzle.However, for many men, they can’t earn that much in a year.To Wang’s surprise, many of the applicants were college students.In that case, of course, she’s going to choose a college student and a good-looking one.A young man of 27 caught her eye.8 After four months of reviewing resumes, Wang finally set her sights on a 27-year-old man surnamed Zhang with an eight-pack stomach.Such a man, or very strong, want to make a 60-year-old woman pregnant, should have no problem, Wang Mei has information about him.You should know that Wang Mei looked at a lot of cases before choosing her child’s father.What kind of man can marry a 60-year-old woman and get pregnant naturally, the man she chose is the standard.Let’s call this beefy man Xiao Zhang.If Xiao Zhang is also a college student, why should he eat soft rice?Because he owed a lot of money, if rely on his work to earn, a year is to earn a hundred thousand, more than ten years are not clear.However, if wang Mei can give birth to a child, that is different, he can save the fish.So, in the case of family opposition, he still wanted to challenge.Of course, Wang mei also knows her qualifications. She is a 60-year-old woman who is older than Zhang’s parents.You can’t attract people like Xiao Zhang. They come for the money.She gave Xiao Zhang three rules, also can’t let someone else too suffer!Two people want to get married and get a license, but they still need to notarize something before getting a license.If Wang Mei is not pregnant and gives birth to a child, Xiao Zhang’s living expenses are only 200,000 yuan per year. Other real estate, savings and annual dividends have nothing to do with Xiao Zhang.If you’re pregnant, it’s different.Xiao Zhang gets both apartments and millions in annual bonuses.However, it is also a very difficult and challenging task to get a woman pregnant at the age of 60. If she does not ovulate, she will not get pregnant.But once you’re pregnant, it’s different.He is the father of the child and has successfully entered the ranks of the rich.Think about it, is it full of energy!Of course, the more important one is within the marriage, Xiao Zhang can not cheat, otherwise, the same is not the property.This is easy to understand, after all, if you want to have a baby, you have to use a knife.Xiao Zhang has no objection to this!On May 5, 2019, the two married and became husband and wife.Xiao Zhang doesn’t have to go to work any more. He accompanies Wang Mei every day. When they go shopping together, many people still think they are mother and son.Anyway, in the process of getting along with them, they suffered from the white eyes of others, strangers do not understand, their relatives do not understand.Xiao Zhang’s parents want to break off with him, because this matter spread to their village, they all become the laughingstock of others, gave birth to a son, unexpectedly go to eat soft rice.Xiao Zhang’s ex-girlfriend, who did not expect him to be such a person, also had no light on his face, reviled him, but also specifically to shield him.Fortunately, they didn’t care. One wanted to have kids, the other to make money.Now you give me a cold shoulder, then you can’t afford it!So, how did their baby-making plan turn out?But it was a great success!In March 2020, thanks to Zhang’s efforts, Wang became pregnant, and the 61-year-old is about to become a mother.Xiao Zhang also followed happy, his half foot, has stepped into the rich circle.They were both very happy. Meanwhile, Xiao Zhang had to wait on Wang Mei carefully. After all, she had to give birth to her baby.However, what they can not think of is when Wang Mei is pregnant for 3 months, the child aborted.Despite his disappointment, Zhang said he is determined to make sure Wang mei has a baby.This time must not be discouraged, and continue to work hard.It can only be said that heaven pays off to those who help. After more than two years, Wang Mei was pregnant again.This time, however, it is December 9, 2021.That is, last month, Wang Mei went to the hospital for an examination and found herself pregnant again.This time they did not dare to have any neglect and negligence, invited professionals to give professional advice, often to the hospital examination.In three or four months, the baby should be saved.Let’s hope they both get their way in the end, one with kids and one with plenty of money.Of course, maybe two people, these years have cultivated feelings, have a common child, live together, if the child is born together to raise the child.Is this the perfect ending?