A last-minute change of manager?Adijiang phase 3 exposed to be replaced by Xinjiang or unreal playoff hopes slim

2022-04-30 0 By

With eight days to go and the CBA’s third phase of the season, time is running out for teams to adjust.There are many teams in the league this season, the overall strength of the decline is extremely obvious, Xinjiang is one of the league, a few seasons ago was the favorite, did not expect to even playoff hope.In the absence of Zhou Qi, Xinjiang can only rely on foreign aid for its inside line, and the whole guard line is dumb. Zeng Lingxu is not competitive at all because of age and injury, so it is obvious that the strong support of the front line position cannot help Xinjiang achieve the predetermined goal.Xinjiang currently ranks 13th in the league with a record of 12 wins and 16 losses, two wins behind Jilin in 12th place.The whole offseason, Xinjiang not only did not introduce small foreign aid, but also came a piece of bad news, the head coach Addis because of leg injury to be absent for a period of time, and the third stage will be replaced by the European famous coach Juan, until Addis recovery, this situation makes the situation of Xinjiang already encountered changes even worse.To know that xinjiang’s squad configuration this season has been not good, thanks to Adjiang for all the players of Xinjiang team is very familiar with, so it barely came to the edge of the playoffs, through the third stage of xinjiang’s schedule there is still a chance to impact the last place in the playoffs.However, it is unknown whether the substitute coach Juan can activate xinjiang. Although Addis has been criticized in recent years, according to the recruitment plan of Xinjiang management, even small foreign players are not willing to introduce, even though the coach with high ability is also useless.Because the results can not meet expectations, a lot of fans in xinjiang have been hoping that a jiang to resign, don’t delay the development of xinjiang, the xinjiang this time probably bullockscored, once Juan can play to confront performance, help for xinjiang to accomplish in the playoffs, so a jiang had great may not be able to continue to the next coach of xinjiang.So the third stage is a waiting process for the team, Adjiang and Juan, and the relationship between the three is quite delicate.Xinjiang team at present the configuration of the inside line as a result of Moore terry’s strong overall performance can achieve expectations, there are currently two aspects restricting the development of Xinjiang team, one is the strength of the guard line is too weak, the second is the thickness of the team’s overall lineup is still unable to achieve expectations.In the second stage, Xinjiang team once came to the edge of the playoffs, and jilin team was only half a win away, but unexpectedly, the following three consecutive defeats made Xinjiang team farther and farther away.At present, Xinjiang and Tianjin, ranked 14th, have the same overall record, and have the capital to make the playoffs, and Juan, this foreign monk how to match in the lineup, is the key to xinjiang team can push the line to advance, once the operation mistakes, impact on the hope of the playoffs is very slim.At present, xinjiang’s strongest point is only Moertri, Shalamu and Qi Lin three, the back line can stand out in the last ten matches is crucial.In the recent two seasons, Xinjiang team has sent away Wang Zhengbo and Ye Zhengwen, so into the current situation also completely belongs to the decision-making mistakes of Xinjiang management.