Aubameyang arrives, Barca copies dott connection, France international not leaving?

2022-04-30 0 By

Barcelona have announced that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has joined the club as a member of the blues and reds at the Nou Camp.On his first training session at the Nou Camp, he scored his first goal as a Barca player, setting up a cross from former Borussia Dortmund team-mate Moussa Dembele.And this scene in the training, it seems that dembele is likely to stay in Barcelona.From the manager’s point of view, Xavi needs to really activate Dembelebarca in recent years a series of signings, in fact, are constantly digging holes and filling holes.Neymar was released and Dembele and Coutinho were brought in.But Coutinho ultimately failed to fit in at Barcelona, and Dembele was erratic and even chronically injured.With the departure of Suarez and Messi, Dembele completely became a difficult front “lone wood”.From the coach’s point of view, Xavi or want to activate Dembele.Dembele is Aubameyang’s best loader Aubameyang scored 31 goals in 32 games for Borussia Dortmund in 2016-17.Of those 31 goals, 10 came from dembele’s direct assists.Now Barca introduced Dembele, on the surface is to plug suarez left after the absence, in fact, there is a point, is hoping to completely copy a Dortmund attack combination in Barca.Therefore, Aubameyang’s arrival, in fact, how much can also show that Xavi and Barca executives actually do not want Dembele to leave the team.Two factors. Is Dembele really staying?Dembele now has the help of his former team-mates and is likely to have a better career at Barca, but he also has a history of falling out with the club and will find it difficult to find a new club even if he leaves.Therefore, dembele is likely to reach a settlement with the club.After all, Harvey’s team, still need dembele this assault point.Hopefully, this time, Aubameyang can, for a while at least, solve Barca’s lack of forward play.