How to make wechat shopping links, how to share wechat group promotional website links

2022-04-30 0 By

Businesses in the creation of their own fans, how to operate the wechat group, maintain the vitality of the wechat group, and can let the group members continue to pull people into the group, all kinds of promotional interaction, essential, among which the second killing activity is a very important interaction, businesses must understand, how to quickly launch activities.Usual many businesses choose the solitaire, user engagement experience, as well as business subsequent statistics and so on each work all is bad, in fact, in Qiao Tayun directly, by making a snapping up interactive link, issued directly to the WeChat group, users click on the link to order purchase, and businesses can clearly see all of the order information in the background, and visitor information,Why not?In Qiao Tuoyun platform, after registering an account for free, you can go to experience the production and release process of the above activities.After registering and logging in, you can find marketing activities in the administrative center, and you can go to select templates and edit templates after entering.In Joe tuoyun management center you will see the enterprise website, mall, small programs, cloud design, in fact, are very simple, it is full of templates, are copy templates, minutes can make their own platform or pictures.The editing process is super convenient, and you don’t need to know computer skills. As shown in the picture below, we can preview the active page intuitively. You can directly click to change the content of the graphics and texts on the page.Once done, the interaction can be posted in the upper right corner.Through the above method to share with you, ordinary businesses do not understand technology at all, but also can easily make an activity, in the wechat group, released a high bar of marketing links.