In the trilogy of Gods, Nezha is a newcomer. Daji only shows her back

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On Dec 20, the pilot trailer for the trilogy of Gods, directed by Wuershan and played by Huang Bo, Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Xia Yu, Chen Kun, Yuan Quan, Yu Shi and Hai Liang, was released.Although the trailer only 30 seconds long, but a huge amount of information, presented many original fiction in “soul hunter” classical allusions, lots of classic role stirring, in addition to the previously released the son tooth, beginning king Buddha, shang YanShou, west queen “Hou Jichang ShenGongBao, ginger, and roles, such as which zha, Yang Jian popular characters in the original also appeared in the trailer.Beijing News reporters have selected eight key scenes from the trailer to give readers an exclusive analysis of allusions in the Trilogy.The trilogy is expected to be released in 2020, 2021 and 2022, with the first part hitting the big screen in the summer of 2020.In the first scene of the trailer, Jiang ziya presents a treasure to Yin Shou, the king of Shang, in the Hall of Longde. Jiang ziya says, “The treasure I offer is called Fengshen Bang.”In the original work of “Romance of Gods”, this section of the plot did not appear, jiang Ziya first temple to meet shang King Yin Shou, because he took the jade pipa essence, and sanmizhen fire refining the original form of pipa essence, thus zhou king appreciation, official worship under the doctor.And “deification list” is in Jiang Ziya after the week met Zhang Guifang, can not beat back to kunlun Mountains for help, yuan Shitian just let the Antarctic fairy weng handed over to him, and let him build a canonization in West Qi, the canonization list hanging on the stage, all the list of people, after death will be led by the canonization list came to canonization.In the original novel, the list has never been shown in physical form, but in the trailer, it becomes a treasure as white as jade in Jiang Ziya’s hands, and there is no doubt what kind of story will be derived from this treasure.Chen Kun’s character, yuan Shi Tianzun, appears in the trailer, with black hair and whiskers and open eyes.Yuanshi Tianzun is one of the three disciples of Hongjun, ranking the second among the three friends. He lives in the kylin Cliff of kunlun Mountain, the ancestor of Wanshan mountains, and his residence is called “Yuxu Palace”.He is one of the main deacons who presided over the avenue of canonization, the magic power is far-reaching, is also the former master of the list of canonization.The trailer shows footage of King Yin Shou (King Zhou of Shang) ascending to the throne, with King Zhou saying, “Boy Yin Shou has never had the heart to be king.”Yin Shou was the youngest son of Emperor Yi, king of Shang. The first two were not born by his wife, but the youngest, Yin Shou, was born by the queen and was appointed crown prince.After the death of Emperor Yi, Yin Shou ascended the throne.4 Xibo Hou receives Thunder zhenzi to be yi zi Xibo hou Ji Chang (Li Xuejian is acted the role of) appear on the stage, deduce a completely different king model, embrace baby in desolate wild ridge, “this is my child”.The baby in his arms should be Leizhen son, is confirmed in the “romance of the Gods” in the tenth “Ji Boyan mountain receive Leizhen” original allusion.Lei Zhenzi was met when Ji Chang, King Wen of Zhou, sheltered from the rain, and received him as his adopted son.Because with the day thunder and born, so named Thunder zhenzi.Because Lei Zhenzi has wings on his back and looks like a strange bird with blue fangs and cinnabar hair, the character is probably not a real person, but a digital human made of CG effects.Queen Jiang (Yuan Quan), a prominent female character in the trailer, draws her sword and says, “Please kill my servant.”Queen Jiang was the original consort of King Zhou of Shang. She was a good woman and had two sons, Yin Jiao and Yin Hong.Because the courtiers played King Zhou not early days, and advised King Zhou, indirectly punished Daji and was its hatred.After daji was framed for her assassination king Zhou, was enouged to a gun burned his hands after the death of xigong, soul into the canonization.In the Chinese people’s cognition, Queen Jiang is the representative of traditional Chinese women. In this preview, the scene of Yuan Quan begging for death with a sharp blade in his hand is also a scene of deep sorrow and despair.The two characters Yang Jian (this sand is acted the role of) and Ne Zha (Wu Yafan is acted the role of), which are quite popular in the original work, appear in the trailer.In the picture, Yang Jian wielded a three-pointed two-blade sword, While Nezha grasped the world and earth circle, wore a mixed sky damask and stepped on the wind and fire wheel. The two men displayed their powerful abilities in the scene of dethronding out of the siege.For these two roles, Urshan cast new actors instead of stars.King Zhou and Daji bath in the trailer naked King Zhou and only the back of daji bath, lovingly look at each other, this scene is often seen in the film and television works about god.Daji is the shang Dynasty Jizhou hou “Su Protect” of the daughter, is the most beautiful, after his father was presented to king Zhou as princess, the road was “nine tail fox” killed and suck the soul of god and take.King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty was captivated by daji’s beauty and indulged himself inordinately.At present, the cast of Daji has not been announced, very mysterious.Finally, Xia Yu plays Shen Gongbao, the classic villain in The film.Shen Gongbao had to teach disciples, and Jiang Ziya worship at the beginning of the Yuan Tianzun door, jiang Ziya’s younger brother.After violating the rules of the jade virtual palace door jade virtual palace removed, and worship in the blue tour palace tongtianjiao Lord door, become cut teach disciple, life and jiang Ziya for the enemy.In the original work, Shen Gongbao is powerful and eloquent, especially good at persuading the same door or road friends down to help business.A “Tao friend please stay” sent countless monks of the same clan to the holy list.In the trailer, Shen Gongbao appeared in black clothes with a skeleton, with an eerie face and strange accent, which set a great suspense for the development of the story.