Midnight Chinese football latest news

2022-04-30 0 By

By 11 PM, the latest news, Chinese football king frost speak Gu Xiuquan: in the Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s team did not play due level, the choice of players and tactical arrangements are unsatisfactory, the performance in the Olympic Games was very disappointed, but the arrival of the new coach, the team look brand-new, and renewed hope for Chinese women’s football.Second, Luo Guofu was unhappy in the afternoon training, did not say much, and the team did not interact too much.Before the start of training, he deleted all the comments he had posted on social media and later posted a profound review of his controversial comments to the FOOTBALL association.Third, Wang Dalei did not appear in this afternoon’s training due to injury, which may indicate that Wang Dalei will be a substitute in the following match against Japan.Four, due to the absence of Aiksen, Fernando, Luo Guofu suspension, the strength of the National football team far below the Japanese team, Li Xiaopeng in order to be safe, the probability will discharge five back tactics.