Wang Dongfeng: Unremitting efforts to create a beautiful Hebei with blue sky, green land and beautiful water

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Wang Dongfeng presided over the meeting of the Provincial Ecological Civilization Construction Leading Group and Ecological Environmental Protection Committee stressed the in-depth promotion of ecological environmental protection and ecological civilization construction persist in creating a beautiful sky blue earth green water show hebei News February 15 (Hebei Daily reporters Si Jianlei, Wu Tao) this morning,Wang Dongfeng, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, presided over the meeting of the Provincial Ecological Civilization Construction Leading Group and Ecological environment Protection Committee, studied and implemented Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization in depth, and listened to the report on ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection in 2021.We deliberated the key points of Work on Ecological Civilization Construction in Hebei Province in 2022, key points of work on Ecological And Environmental Protection Committee of Hebei Province in 2022, and Key points of work on Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in Hebei Province in 2022.Deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee Lian Yimin attended the meeting.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the strong support of relevant central ministries and commissions and The strong support of Beijing and Tianjin, through the unremitting efforts of the whole province, the green transformation and development of The province will take an important step. The average concentration of PM2.5 in the province is 38.8 microgram/cubic meter, down 15.3% year on year.Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Handan have achieved “ten years of decline”, and 98.7% of the province’s coastal waters have excellent water quality.We must strengthen our confidence and resolve, consolidate our achievements in development, and speed up efforts to build Hebei into a beautiful province with blue sky, green land and beautiful waters, so as to welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.The meeting stressed the need to take scientific and targeted measures in accordance with the law and intensify efforts to protect blue skies.We will focus on the control of key areas. We will carry out special actions to ensure that industrial enterprises fully meet emissions standards, control pollution from diesel trucks, control dust pollution, and upgrade industrial clusters. We will promote the reduction of all key cities.We will focus on clean and safe winter heating, further consolidate the achievements of the “double generation” project, strengthen the supply of clean coal and ensure the supply of gas and power, and effectively control loose coal in rural areas.The meeting called for efforts to strengthen joint prevention and control, and intensify efforts to protect clear water.We will make further efforts to comprehensively improve the upper and lower reaches of the river basin, strengthen monitoring of river sections at entry and exit, intensify protection of water sources between Beijing and Tianjin, and constantly strengthen ecological and environmental protection of the Grand Canal and its surrounding areas.We will further promote comprehensive ecological and environmental management of Baiyangdian Lake, continue to implement ecological water replenishment, and consolidate baiyangdian’s achievements in class iii water quality.We will intensify efforts to improve the Marine ecological environment and ensure that the proportion of coastal waters with good water quality continues to increase this year.The meeting stressed the strict use and management of land and thorough efforts to protect pure land.We will strengthen prevention of soil pollution risks, do a good job in preventing and controlling heavy metal pollution, sorting and disposing of garbage, and actively develop “waste-free cities”.We will strengthen the control of pollution from non-point agricultural sources, and work hard to promote the rural toilet revolution and the harmless treatment of rural domestic sewage and garbage.We will strengthen soil pollution risk control on land used for construction and effectively ensure the safety of the living environment.The meeting called for efforts to strengthen source control, protection and restoration, and push overall ecological and environmental quality to a new level.We will further improve the ecological and environmental protection system, and strictly implement the red line for ecological protection, the bottom line for environmental quality, and the upper limit for resource utilization.We will further promote the integrated protection of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes, grass and sand, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Saihanba, deepen the comprehensive treatment of groundwater overexploitation, and strengthen the construction of the Capital’s “two districts”.The meeting stressed the need to improve policies and structure to achieve carbon neutrality in an active, steady and orderly manner.Accelerate the construction of the policy system, deeply implement the implementation opinions and plans of carbon peak carbon neutrality in Our province, and establish a carbon emission statistics, monitoring, certification and registration system.We will accelerate the optimization and adjustment of the structure of industries, energy, and transportation, strengthen controls on both total energy consumption and energy intensity, and resolutely curb the development of projects that consume energy, consume energy, and consume high energy sources.We will move faster to develop a green and low-carbon way of life and production, raise the public’s awareness of conservation, environmental protection and ecological conservation, and actively build a system for recycling resources.The meeting called for strengthening supervision of the ecological environment and improving the level of standardization, law-based and information-based environmental protection.We will intensify the rectification of environmental supervision issues and ensure that they are implemented as scheduled.We will strengthen discipline oversight, oversight by people’s congresses, democratic oversight, auditing oversight, and oversight by public opinion to effectively solve prominent environmental problems.We will deepen it application in supervision and law enforcement, speed up the development of smart law enforcement platforms that link the provincial, provincial and county levels vertically and cross industries and departments, and strive to improve the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement.The meeting stressed the need to uphold the Leadership of the Party and consolidate responsibilities at all levels to ensure that all work in ecological and environmental protection is carried out effectively.The party committees and governments at all levels strictly implement the first responsibility main body responsibility, party and government is primarily responsible for comrades and team members “a pair of responsibilities”, give full play to the province of ecological civilization construction leading group and ecological environment protection committee member units, to strengthen the supervision inspection, strict accountability, to ensure that the work carries out, in order to speed up the construction of modern economic strong province, beautiful hebei provide powerful guarantee.Provincial leaders Ge Haijiao, shi Qingshuang, Hu Qisheng attended the meeting.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.