Can’t pay more on credit cards?Is overpaying a dollar worse than being late?Is it true?

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Can’t pay more on your credit card?Is overpaying a dollar worse than being late?Recently, a netizen left a message asking if this is true, because he happened to overpay a few yuan on his credit card this month.To be sure, there is no so-called more serious than overdue payment, of course, overpayment may also cause us some trouble, specific below we explain in detail.Overpayment on a credit card. Inside the bank, this behavior is called overpayment.Xiaoming’s current credit card bill amount is 1000 yuan, in repayment day, xiaoming hit a 0 more because of negligence, bring about to turn ten thousand yuan to go in credit card, right now xiaoming’s current credit card bill not only all settled clear, still returned 9000 yuan more, this 9000 yuan is excessive pay.Because returned this 9000 yuan more, at this time Xiaoming’s credit card amount promoted 9000 yuan (for example xiaoming’s credit card amount is 20,000 yuan, it can brush 20000 yuan at most normally, because of the factor of excessive payment, so Xiaoming’s credit card can brush the amount into 29000 yuan at present), generally speaking,When major bank follow-up user brushes card consumption, it is to use the amount of this excessive pay first by default.Overflow payment of the main problems: (1) remove the handling fee: as the saying goes, easier to eat in spit it out, at present in some Banks spill into the credit card payment of money if you want to take out to difficult, before they have been reported, some negligence to deposit 500000 yuan of cash card in the credit card, the results to show, was told by the bank charge a fee.So once deposited in the bank to charge excessive payment commission, so at this time to sacrifice part of the commission to transfer, or you can only slowly brush the card consumption.(2) the calculation of interest: it is well known that if our money deposited in the cash card, even if the current, also has the current interest, but excessive payment within the credit card money is no interest, no matter how long you place all the same, so a large payment, made to burn in the short term, precipitation cost (capital) is a kind of loss.(3) Overpayment bad account: the most troublesome thing about overpayment is to cancel the card. If you owe money to the bank credit card, the credit card cannot be canceled, but the overpayment can be canceled.If there is an excess payment but the account, personal credit will reflect an excess payment of bad debts, the processing of bad debts is more trouble than overdue.Return money more so it is no problem, but the cancellation of credit card after cannot return money more need not, before wanting to cancel credit card, one day should not much not little on account affairs, just good.1 yuan above we also analyzed the much also less 1 yuan consequences, can know more than 1 yuan actually will not cause too big effect (how it immediately after cancellation unless, of course, even if to cancel the bad debt problem has relatively small) of 1 yuan, since more than 1 yuan didn’t also influence, so little is one yuan will not cause serious consequences, such as being late, was a penalty.In fact, less return one yuan will not cause too big impact, because most banks have launched a tolerance tolerance service, tolerance is in a certain amount of money, less return amount as all repayment;A grace period of 1-3 days will be extended over the original repayment date.At present the finance difference amount of major bank is in 10 yuan (except industrial bank), namely the difference inside 10 yuan is regarded as full amount reimbursement, for instance you owe 1000 yuan, returned 995 yuan, difference 5 yuan did not return, the bank does not account you exceed the time limit, still regard as full amount reimbursement with you;, of course, this is just regarded as the period of the full payment, you doesn’t mean you keep your balance of 5 yuan wouldn’t have also, this 5 yuan bank will be directly included in the next issue of your credit card bill, so can’t due to poor acceptance amount, going to the credit card no, the last period is not full, also leave a few dollars difference, this will cause you credit card appeared late next time.Conclusion if your credit card has been keeping normal use, is just one of a certain period is 1 dollar more or less 1 yuan (or other amount), also does not have any effect for the credit card, will not cause any serious consequences, however, if you’re going to stop using the credit card that must dispose of clear, is not much also not a few,In order to avoid unnecessary trouble for their follow-up.