Chinese New Year “too boring, Chinese New Year too social dead” behind

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Chinese New Year is too boring, Chinese New Year is too dead, Chinese New Year is too tired…No holiday every day thinking about holidays, holidays just over half, a lot of people began to shout can’t stand it.A lot of people on the Internet are saying that the Chinese New Year every day Hu eat haisai cards, really tired, every festival fat three catties really is not a joke;Others said, no Spring Festival ceremonies are not, but since New Year’s eve dinner until now, after the big busy at that time, every day is eat leftovers, happiness to eat all didn’t, and said that the head is the Chinese New Year, relatives had no chance to meet all the year round, the results met just sat down with enthusiasm, began to all kinds of killing, hard for to seek a topic to chat,Finally the diaphragm, heart, anxiety multiplication, this is affection?…While we don’t deny the importance of ritual, it’s hard for the body to endure the stress of eating leftovers every day, or visiting relatives on New Year’s Eve and drinking multiple times a day.According to medical experts, people should refrain from dieting, drink alcohol in moderation, play less cards and exercise more…But the truth is no match for affection and face.Some people say that it is easy for relatives to die, and the pressure is very high. There are two main points: One is that a lot of so-called care is just standing in their respective positions, or pointing out or even accusing you with the concept that they think is absolutely correct, and then moral kidnapping is “for your own good”.Second, the gap between interests and growth is widening.No common hobbies, not in the same life entertainment leisure circle.On New Year’s Eve, many people watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV: understanding each other, striving to surpass is also the concept of inheritance, but the more elders love double standards.Empathy is indeed a luxury.It is because of the double standard, so it seems lively, rich, behind the concern because too much secular, utilitarian, comparing……Will make the loneliness of the younger generation more acute.Maybe we have to compromise to understand their love, and that sacrifice is the price we have to pay to keep blood thicker than water.