Gong Li is worthy of the title “Gong Huang”, wearing simple clothes are strong, more than 50 years old can be true tide

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In the eyes of many fashion fashionistas, trends and fashion itself are constantly changing, some popular elements, popular colors and popular styles, etc., go back and forth, can be in the trend of the big stage, only the “basic”.Although the basic style of clothing looks very simple and monotonous, such as jeans jacket, hoodie, shirt and other clothing, ordinary appearance hides an unusual form, neat and generous, but also natural sense, beautiful to wear.Actually have spirit qualitative schoolgirl knows, go beyond the mark to pursue fashionable tide also not likely to let oneself become better, emphasize the effect that pays attention to comfort and nature, ability lets oneself benefit for a long time unbeatable place, the practical that wears build is very tall also.Especially for older women, choosing basic clothes can also create a variety of styles, and Gong Li looked very different in her light blue denim coat, which was attractive but also classy and chic.It can also be seen that Gong Li’s charm is less than ordinary people. Even if she doesn’t wear fancy clothes, she is a deterrent. Her aura is too powerful and charming.Yes, the basic style of clothing is such existence, wear has certain advantages, so women in their 40s and 50s do not have too many clothes, gong Li’s basic style is enough, wear very fashionable.What are the biggest advantages of basic clothes?Fashionable people will definitely say that everything goes with nothing!A good texture and with a broad sense of clothing, no matter how old women can easily wear temperament and fashion sense, at the same time in the visual will look very sophisticated and stylish.At the same time, it can also be combined with any clothing and superimposed at will, which has certain special and special features. Moreover, the basic clothing is really a “universal” existence, no matter how to wear it, it will look good.Although some basic clothing is not suitable for special occasions to wear, but in daily life to wear, can really show a different focus and texture, comfortable, casual and with a state of leisure, not tied.In the eyes of many fashion people, these basic clothes are probably more advanced. They have shape and temperament on the body, and the key point is to show not vulgar charm. They are friendly to middle-aged and old women and young people.How to create a delicate sense of basic clothing choose the right clothing style how to create a delicate sense of basic clothing?Choose the right outfit!Generally speaking, the dress like cowboy coat suits everyone very much, has accent also has style, also very agile with along with the sex!However, compared with the previous cowboy coat, some adjustments have been made in style and design, which not only won’t look monotonous, but also can create a full temperament. It is very nice to wear on daily trips and photos. The key point is that it is really not attractive, and it is natural for older women to wear.Wear simple and natural clothes. Sometimes it’s true to say that basic clothes are stylish too!Can be worn with any clothing at will, not only will not appear dull and tacky clothing, but also to create some bright spots.Resemble bull-puncher coat + black trousers, the tie-in form of basic color + basic money, although do not have too much focus, can build a vogue and elegant feeling however, so also can see from which, Gong Li is worth “gong Huang” title, wear simple dress aura is powerful, 50 many years old but true tide.In many fashion wear, hoodies can be said to occupy half of the sky, but many women prefer this kind of clothing, not only the fashionable sense of hoodies, but also reflect the elegance of the dress, wear is also very casual and stylish.Black dress + in the version of the long, also will not show short, and black boots are very suitable for most women to wear, sightly and full fan.White shirt + black skirt Although the white shirt has always been a very basic clothing, it is also a classic existence in the eyes of many people. Whether it is a simple and neat shirt in the form of work, or with some personalized design, it will look chic in wearing.As for the white shirt itself, in order to create an elegant and unconventional form of wearing, it can be combined with black half-length skirt, high-waist version + slit design form, create sexy and temperament, suitable for most scenes to wear.In the fall and winter season, sweaters are very popular, after all, they can bring enough warmth in wearing, but also very temperament.In wearing, light color sweater is also with a certain advantage, choose low saturation of green, not very dull but also can improve clothing modeling, also very white and bright skin, with blue slim jeans and boots, very stylish.Therefore, Gong Li uses basic clothing to create a high-level sense, which is suitable for 50+ mothers to wear. It is delicate and atmospheric, and mothers are right to wear it.