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The latest Spring Festival transportation leading group office of Suzhou Municipal People’s Government issued an important notice?According to the latest weather forecast of the municipal meteorological observatory, the city will have continuous rain (snow) weather before the Spring Festival;There may be rain and snow after the Spring Festival.In order to take precautions and ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel rush, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: First, pay close attention to the weather situation.All localities and departments should pay close attention to weather trends, attach great importance to the adverse impact of rain, snow, freezing and strong winds on transportation and the safety of the Spring Festival travel rush, and take all kinds of preventive measures in advance.Meteorological departments should strengthen weather warning and prediction, strengthen analysis and analysis, and timely produce and issue weather warning signals.Second, emergency preparedness.All localities and departments should timely launch relevant emergency plans based on snow, cooling and freezing conditions to ensure the smooth flow of major traffic arteries.Strengthen on-site supervision of key sections and locations to ensure traffic safety.Such as snow, freezing, fog, haze, low visibility and other bad weather, to organize timely evacuation, scientific organization of traffic, guide vehicles to pass in an orderly manner.For severe snow and ice on roads, resulting in long-distance traffic congestion of highway vehicles or temporary closure of expressways, we should organize forces to do a good job of ice removal, evacuation of backlog vehicles, driver and passenger support and other related work.Third, we will comprehensively strengthen transport capacity support.Transportation and railway departments should keep abreast of the flow of passengers and the departure of shuttle buses during the Spring Festival rush, adjust the transport capacity in a timely manner, and take effective measures to solve the problem of large numbers of passengers stranded.To further implement the emergency transport capacity, do a good job of increasing temporary overtime cars, emergency evacuation of passengers.We will strengthen transport support for goods, and coordinate the transport of key goods such as coal and grain as well as meat, poultry and vegetables.Fourth, we will improve bus waiting services.All passenger terminals and stations should do a good job in passenger waiting services, take effective measures against wind, rain and snow, skid and other aspects.For the passengers stranded in the station due to bad weather, the transport window units should strengthen publicity and services, and solve the practical difficulties of passengers waiting for the train, so that the majority of passengers feel warm and comfortable.Fifth, we will ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel rush.We will give top priority to safety during the Spring Festival travel rush, ensure that the responsibility for work safety and all work measures are fully implemented in every link, and ensure that people travel safely, conveniently and satisfactorily.Sixth, effectively strengthen information communication.Local Spring Festival transport offices and the relevant units to strengthen duty, keep abreast of the dynamic situation;Strengthen information communication, coordinate and deal with problems and contradictions in a timely manner, and report major cases in a timely manner.Notice is hereby given.Telephone Number of Municipal Spring Transportation Office:Spring Festival Transportation Leading Group Office of Suzhou Municipal People’s GovernmentSnow came to latest news according to the weather in suzhou this afternoon to the night, the city overcast with light rain cloudy it will rain tomorrow morning sleet turn to moderate snow or sleet afternoon night cloudy and light snow northeaster 4 ~ 5 level wind 6 level, surface wind magnitude 7 day after tomorrow the day Yin Yin has a small sleet or rain or sleet night light snow everybody is more snow for now is “serious” please pay attention to the rain and snow weatherGuard!Xiangcheng District Rong Media Center production source: Gusu Evening News editor: Zhang Lu Production: Yan Qu