Man paid to lend bank card becomes “electric fraud money laundering accomplice”

2022-05-01 0 By

Workmate borrows bank card, return promise to “reward”, borrows not borrows?Recently, The West Mashan police station of the Mashan branch of the Jixi City Public Security Bureau captured a suspected of helping information network criminal activities of the online fugitives, the suspect Fan because of greed for money, he “borrowed” into the police station.In January this year, the workmate looked for fan to help, want to borrow a bank card in real name, promised to pay 100 yuan for every day of use.The lucky fan borrowed the card, but was seized by the police illegal water more than 1 million yuan.At present, the suspect fan has been handed over to the Shandong police.Police prompt: the masses must be vigilant, do not be tempted by high profits, rent, lend, sell personal bank cards, phone cards and third-party payment accounts, so as not to become an accomplice in the implementation of criminal offences.