Provincial product quality supervision and inspection Institute issued a consumer reminder to buy precious metal jewelry to choose regular merchants

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Lanzhou evening news All kinds of festivals are precious metal jewelry, jade jewelry sales busy season, consumer complaints disputes also during this period, in order to let the consumer eyes, avoid traps, buy felt relieved, wearing comfort, recently, the gansu province product quality supervision and inspection institute issued consumptive reminder, warn broad customer precious metal jewelry, jade products choose to legitimate business.Consumers try to choose regular stores when buying jewelry, such as large shopping malls, brand stores, official flagship stores, etc.Most of the fake jewelry in the market is bought on the street, traded privately and consumed online.Some of these products with artificial processing of jewelry jade products posing as natural jewelry jade products.Some with agate and other low-grade jewelry jade varieties posing as hetian jade and other high-grade jade.Have a plenty of with glass, plastic and other crafts posing as jewelry jade.Because some consumer lacks professional knowledge, distinguish true and false hard, fall into trap for graph cheap.The identification of precious metal jewelry and jade products includes labels and imprints.When consumers buy such products, they should first choose products with logos to buy.Secondly, pay attention to the consistency of identification, including the content of the mark and the label and the content of the label and certificate.Pay special attention to purity and quality when choosing precious metal products.Consumers often buy gold products, for example, common purity are pure gold products on the market (gold content is greater than or equal to 99%), 22 k gold (gold content is greater than or equal to 91.6%), 18 k gold (gold content is greater than or equal to 75%), some consumers only buy gold but don’t know the same for gold products, gold content of different price difference is very big also.In addition, there are quality, consumers should be in the scene when buying balance, and the weight of the label compared, in case the goods do not accord with the economic loss.Rights protection to be ready to buy jewelry and jade products, consumers should ask for bills, bills to complete the information, in addition to the price but also marked product name, specifications, brand and other information.After consumer leaves shop, want to keep good relevant bill, in case of product quality problem, bill is the powerful proof of right protection.At the same time, the purchase of jewelry jade products to ask for identification certificate, such as no certificate or the authenticity of the certificate is suspected to be timely to the formal inspection and testing institutions for detection.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Yuan Wenbo