Rational discussion: if Gregg Popovich coached prime Curry, can start a three-peat dynasty

2022-05-01 0 By

Rational discussion: if gregg popovich coached peak garage, can create a three-peat dynasty so far this season, Arsenal led the warriors made 39-13 record, the second highest league, now with the return of Thompson, another layer on the overall strength of the mighty, and there are a number of professional analysts agree that the warriors will stand out from the west finals again this season.The spurs, once the dominant team in the Western Conference, are 19-33 and playing for the no. 1 pick.For this, many fans said, if the Spurs coach Popovich coach peak Curry, can create a three-peat dynasty?Personally, with popovich’s coaching philosophy and insight, if he coached curry at his peak and had the same roster as when the Warriors dominated the league, it would be a shoo-in to start a three-peat dynasty.Some fans might disagree with that, given Kerr’s excellent coaching skills and the fact that the Warriors didn’t win a three-peat in 2019 due in large part to injuries to their core players.That’s true, but don’t forget that Popovich is known for being a core player who likes to sit out the rest of the season. He doesn’t burn his star players for regular season results, so durant, Thompson, and Curry would probably not get hurt in the playoffs if Popovich coached the Warriors.With all three remaining healthy and the Warriors’ 2017 roster, it’s unlikely any team in NBA history could beat them.So in my personal opinion, Popovich coached Steph curry and the Warriors to a three-peat 2017 season, and maybe even a five-peat dynasty.