The Nets only harden alone led the team more difficult than the rockets, the Nuggets bench has a good introduction

2022-05-01 0 By

Nets VS nuggets both sides of the game is back to back, although nets is back home, but the team’s current lineup has not too neat, including the team’s Owen because, after all, cannot play home games, and Kevin durant the core is the game in the near future on for many, is still unable to return, now only harden the core team can lead.But I think harden is in a tougher position than he was with the Rockets because there are so many young players and the veterans are not that young.And the nuggets are on the trip, they are more relaxed, today is, after all, against the pistons team recently is obviously ascension for transfers-will, also recently signed Cousins and Forbes, give to the team bench rotation good confidence, after all, the two players to have good offensive capability, I think this paragraph of time the nuggets fighting capacity is good,Especially at the offensive level.This time, the Nuggets’ stats were strong and didn’t give the Nets any advantage or confidence at home, and I think the Nuggets will be able to dominate this matchup with their more consistent lineup.