Wiggins perfect star start true injustice!It’s popularity, it’s strength and it’s off the court

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Eight seasons into the NBA, Wiggins earned his first all-star trip and started for the Western Conference, the first No. 1 pick since 1966 not to be selected as an All-Star starter until his eighth season.Even so, there are still some doubts about wiggins’ inclusion, but given wiggins’ performance this season, he’s certainly qualified.So far this season, Wiggins is averaging 18.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and two assists while shooting a career-high 41.2 percent from 3-point range.Wiggins is no less of a tactical fixture than the Splash brothers in the Warriors’ current system, and has filled the void left by Klay Thompson’s absence over the past two seasons, pairing up with Curry.It was wiggins who helped keep the Warriors from slipping so much.When Wiggins came into the league, a lot of people saw him as the next big thing, and judging by his NCAA career, wiggins had that potential.However, wiggins did not show his basketball talent during his tenure with the Timberwolves, and his over-average scoring style made the Timberwolves unable to make the playoffs for a long time.It is precisely because of wiggins such health – preserving style of play, there are many people jokingly Wiggins can play to 50 years old.Not to mention for wiggins this season, he was selected as an All-Star starter also has a lot of off-court factors.One of the biggest benefits of wiggins playing in golden State compared to his timberwolves days is the amount of exposure he gets.As one of the most visible and watched teams in the NBA, the Warriors are always packed, and Wiggins is getting far more attention than he did earlier in his career as the warriors’ no. 3 starter.In addition, Wiggins has adapted his game since coming to the Warriors.The Warriors are a more team-oriented team, but they also need someone like Wiggins to help them on both ends of the floor.Wiggins is the most efficient defender on the defensive end of the floor in addition to the offense, and the Warriors can’t be too bad on defense with Wiggins on the floor.It’s also important to note that the west doesn’t have many players to choose from up front this season.Kawhi Leonard and George are among the best forwards in the West, but both have been sidelined by injuries, and aside from James, a former All-Star like Hayward isn’t playing much better than Wiggins.Add to that the warriors’ popularity boost, and it makes sense that Wiggins got a high number of votes.Therefore, for Wiggins, being selected as an All-Star starter, is also because of his ability to arrive here, and after trying to play a good performance, Wiggins also gained more fans’ support.Wiggins is clearly more qualified than any other player in the Western Conference, and deserves to be given what he has done this season and what an impact he has had on the team.