Big brand anti blue light only rest assured, Zeiss Z BOX New Year flat mirror gift BOX unpacking experience

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Due to my work, I spend about 12-15 hours a day in front of the computer screen or mobile phone screen. After a long time, my eyes will feel uncomfortable. Previously, I didn’t think it would affect me much, so I didn’t notice it.But after the New Year’s day, feel the eye can have occasionally fuzzy all the time, after going to the hospital to see, the doctor diagnoses is retinal damage.As for the reason, everyone should think: excessive use of the eyes.After asking for my habits with the eye doctor, strongly advised me to rest for a month or so, however, working people have their own “one month”, finally the doctor suggested that I see on the screen or mobile phone to wear the blue glasses, especially in the dark environment, the blue glasses is good less harmful blue light damage to the eyes.So, for this “window to the soul”, I spent a lot of money on Zeiss blue glasses, but why Zeiss?I think Zeiss Optics can guarantee the quality of all optical products, whether lenses or lenses.I’ve been wearing these glasses for about 3 weeks now, so I couldn’t resist sharing my experience with you guys.Unpacking coincides with the Lunar New Year, so I chose the appropriate Gift box this time. Compared with the standard style, the gift box is naturally replaced with “Chinese red”.On the left side of the front side of the box is the classic blue LOGO of “ZEISS”, while on the right side, through some gold lines, a looming “Fu” character is formed on the red background, which also perfectly matches the concept of its New Year.The gift box contains a pair of Zeiss Garry bright-colored vision glasses and a New Year glasses case.Accessories include a Type-C cable for charging the case and a red flannel bag.At the same price, I think the gift box is quite sincere.Product design Aside from glasses, here is Z BOX, a unique design of the “glasses case”.The cylinder in the picture above is a water cup, but it’s actually a magic lantern, and you think it’s just a magic lantern, but it’s actually an eyeglass case.Such distinctive design, let me think of “homebred ling Ling lacquer” medium classic bridge segment, some beyond expectation really.The magic lantern of Z BOX is designed with many small pictures of “Lunar New Year flavor” around the lantern body, such as firecrackers, red envelopes, Chinese knots, fish and so on. The magic lantern can be turned on by long pressing the red button on the side of the lamp cover.In this way, it will be around reflects the light of the small picture, if it is set in the middle of the room, will be projected on the roof and wall, turn off the light when the night, the effect is very good, in addition, the magic lantern built in white, yellow, and blue three colors of LED lights, it will change alternately, rhythmic appear more magic, children love it at home.Because Zeiss has no frame business, the frames of this New Year’s Z BOX are from the H58076 CM1/8 sold by “Helen Keller”. The legs are made of high-end β titanium material, which is not only high elastic but also skin friendly. With the anti-oxidation ceramic nose rest, the whole frame is very light and comfortable to wear.Although this picture wears a whole frame picture wears, but the upper part undertook on the vision to picture frame with black “break up”, let whole picture frame unlikely so drab, and black and aureate collocation actually adorn rise the effect still is quite satisfactory.In terms of lenses, THIS time I bought Zeiss 1.6 Sharp color horizon (gray) lenses, and you can see the Zeiss anti-counterfeiting logo in one corner of the lens.The lens is an aspheric lens, whose edge image is not easily distorted, making it more realistic than the spherical lens.Its refractive index is 1.60, transmittance, anti-reflection effect are relatively good;It also uses Zeiss photoactive molecule technology, which can change uv transmittance by changing color in different light environment, so as to better protect the eye.I have never worn glasses before, so I feel a little bit uncomfortable with the glasses of Zeiss this time. Of course, this kind of unaccustomed is more due to the “foreign body feeling” of the glasses I just wore, and the edge imaging of aspheric lenses is indeed more comfortable than that of spherical lenses.Once you get used to wearing it, both the lightweight frame and the ceramic nose holder make wearing it more comfortable, and there is no discomfort or allergy after wearing it for such a long time.”Beauty” should be the first consideration when wearing glasses, after all, we want to be “good looking” all the time.Still want to boast here Helen Keller, black and bright aureate collocation not only extinguished aureate itself “soil” gas, and let whole lens wear look more “gentle”, such although it is a few formal occasion also can wear.Of course, if you really can’t accept gold, you can also choose neutral pure black color.Although the main function of the Zeiss glasses is blue light protection, there are actually some differences between them and our “custom” blue light protection.First of all, when wearing the glasses, the color of things we see will not change significantly, like when we turn on the eye protection mode on our mobile phones or computers.So even if you are doing some work that requires a lot of color, the glasses can be worn without affecting color recognition.Essentially, it filters out the harmful blue light from electronic devices below 445nm, but filters through blue light in the 450-480nm range, which is important for regulating melatonin levels, not only to soothe our mood, but also to improve our visual clarity when using digital devices.(data source: technical requirements for photohealth and photosafety application of anti-blue light film GB/T 38120-2019 — blue light with wavelength between 385 and 445nm has a high risk of optical damage to the retina of human eyes.)When I first used the glasses, I could obviously feel the effective relief of eyestrain, and I did not have the feeling of eye pain in the past when I used them for a long time. I was very satisfied with the overall performance.Moreover, Zeiss 1.6 Ultra Sharp vision (gray) lens itself uses Zeiss photoactive molecular technology, in different uv environment can change their color to resist UV damage, is quite practical.Of course, the awkward part is that when you’re outside, it might look like you’re wearing sunglasses.Do anti-blue light glasses work?From my experience, at least this Zeiss model is useful, it does alleviate the visual fatigue, also the screen time, eye comfort significantly improved.Of course, it is also important to note that when buying blue-blocking glasses, you must choose a reliable optical brand like Zeiss, otherwise it may not be useful for your money.Ok, this time share here, we will see you next time!