Chongqing to solve the problem of shared bike parking guidelines

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Come into force as of January 1 this year, chongqing, the chongqing urban bicycle Internet lease area set technical guideline of respondents for the figure Our client – new chongqing Send China as our client – new chongqing on February 9, 20 dispatch (reporter Dong Jin) to better meet the demand of public transport, effectively solve the urban transportation “the last kilometer” problem, build system of green travel,Starting from January 1 this year, Chongqing Municipal Administration has implemented the “Chongqing Urban Internet rental Bicycle Parking Area set up technical guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as “guidelines”), to solve the problem of shared bikes parked randomly.Bike-sharing parking areas are prohibited on roads with side width less than 3.5 meters. The Guidelines guide bike-sharing operators to place vehicles in a reasonable and orderly manner through the unified parking area setting standards of the city, and standardize the setting of bike-sharing parking spots based on the topography and geomorphology of the city.For example, shared bike parking areas are prohibited on roads with side width less than 3.5 meters;The shared bicycle parking area should be set near the entrance and exit of the urban rail station, and it should be set along both sides and rear floor of the ground pavilion enclosure at the entrance and exit, and the stepping edge in front of the ground pavilion platform should be no less than 30 meters away.Parking area should be set up in groups, each length shall not be less than 1.8 meters, not more than 25 meters, groups and groups should be set spacing not less than 2 meters of isolation belt, the distance between adjacent groups should not be less than 4 meters;Where the parking area is located between the blind road and the building, there is a pedestrian width between the parking area and the building facade, and the front end faces the driveway uniformly;Parking area close to the building facade, the front of the unified building facade.According to statistics, at present, the total number of shared bikes in the central city of Zhuhai is 56,700, mainly in six central districts such as Liangjiang New Area and High-tech Zone.Of these, 22,000 are in The Liangjiang New Area and 20,000 in the high-tech Zone, and nearly 300,000 people use shared bikes every day in Chongqing.At present, the central city has a total of 8 bicycle operation enterprises.According to Yang Xiaodong, head of Qingju Bicycle Company in Chongqing, after the introduction of the guidelines, according to the guidance of the city administration, the company cancelled some parking spots along the railway station, and all the bikes were transferred to the planned shared bike parking lot.”We strive to improve the civilized car habits of users, improve the order of parking on the road, with the help of intelligent management system, self-inspection of the opening business, to ensure that the parking area is set up in a safe and orderly way, and the operation is more orderly and efficient.”Yang xiaodong said.According to tian Renqing, deputy director of the city parking management Center, the guidelines are formulated in accordance with the four principles of “measures taken according to local conditions, safe and orderly, convenient and beneficial to the people, harmonious and beautiful”, which not only meet the needs of citizens to travel, but also facilitate citizens to access vehicles quickly and conveniently.Next, city administration bureau, the city parking management affairs center will further strengthen the “guidelines” stable cross, intensify popularization from three aspects, promote neat, orderly bicycle parking sharing, in harmony with the urban landscape, mix together to build a more clean, beautiful and orderly habitable environment, let share a bike this green way to travel, more convenient, more specification.”First of all, we need to ensure that the parking areas are set up in a safe and orderly manner, and strictly control the choice of parking areas to ensure that they are safe and usable.”Tian Renqing said, secondly, will further promote the parking area set for the convenience of the people, combined with the actual regional travel needs to meet the starting point, convenient use and parking.The third is to coordinate the parking area to set up scientific and reasonable, scientific and reasonable use of urban space, standardized setting, control the total amount, efficient use.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)