City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology research group reach wen!

2022-05-02 0 By

February 11 afternoon, the city bureau of Industry and Information technology research group hand temperature survey.County party committee standing committee, executive deputy county magistrate Chen Ning, county industry gathering area deputy director Jiao Haidong, Ma Qinghua together.The research team visited Jinghua Food Company and Daga International Food Company in the industrial agglomeration area of the county, listened to the report of the relevant person in charge, and understood the operation of enterprises after the holiday in detail.The research group said: the two enterprises pay attention to product research and development, follow the pace of the market, broke a new way of high-quality development;We will actively expand the market, enlarge the benefits, and upgrade the value chain through innovation. We will continue to do large-scale, high-quality, and brand strengthening to help local high-quality development.Subsequently, the research group arrived at the birthplace of the first Party branch in Wen County – Zhujiazhuang village.Through listening to explain, watching video materials, seriously understand the history of wen County party and development history, and in the face of the party flag, review the oath of party membership.The research group affirmed the practice of building complex of Party building in Zhujiazhuang Village on the site of the former Party branch, and building an education and training base for Party members. Meanwhile, it hoped that Wen County would transform the advantage of red resources into the advantage of economic development and inject spiritual power into the rural revitalization.