Escort the Spring Festival!Dongsheng traffic control department strictly check!

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A few days ago, dongsheng District Traffic management brigade to the Inner Mongolia Branch of China Petroleum Dongsheng Oil depot, Ruijie Natural Gas transportation Company to carry out safety production inspection, to ensure that the safety production situation during the Spring Festival travel rush continues to be stable, to build a solid line of safety production.”The oil depot, natural gas transportation company safety production inspection, mainly for each driver and vehicle safety inspection.Drivers are required to take alcohol tests and blood pressure tests every day at the oil depot, and transport vehicles are required to conduct a series of safety checks such as tires and fire extinguishers.- dongsheng district traffic brigade ring squadron instructor Liu Peiliang for China petroleum branch of Inner Mongolia dongsheng terminal personnel and vehicle information for inspection of coach drivers for a sobriety test at the same time, during the Spring Festival travel with people, increased traffic, dongsheng district traffic brigade also deep ordos passenger station to carry out the first passenger security checks,Strict inspection passenger transportation enterprise’s safety production responsibility implement, ice and snow weather emergency management measures, the use and management of GPS dynamic monitoring system, driver safety management and education situation, vehicle inspection and illegal processing, etc., and equipped with usage of passenger vehicle safety protection facilities, such as safety inspection record for on-site check,To ensure that the people enjoy a peaceful and safe Spring Festival.(Reporter: Ren Shiyao hao Yongmei) Recommended reading to check!Festival play happy more assured!Dongsheng Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, high definition with your full review!This New Year gift makes Dongsheng a fairy tale world!Edited by Bai Huimin, reviewed by Han Gaeqin, Zhu Shaoli, And Liu Dong, proofread by Lu Min news Hotline: 0477 — 8139311 Email: Statement: Dongsheng Rong Media Center original articles are not authorized, reprint is prohibited.The Platform reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for those who do not comply with this statement.Don’t forget to like + watch!