First case in China!Hirschsprung’s disease was diagnosed by contrast-enhanced ultrasound

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Recently, in cooperation with the department of general (neonatal) surgery and ultrasound, The Capital Institute of Pediatrics has taken the lead in the initial diagnosis of hirschsprung’s disease in China.This technique is a research project of Beijing municipal hospital, and the results have been published in the international top imaging journal “European Radiology”.The child Qingqing (alias) 6 months, because of long-term abdominal distention and constipation in the field for medical treatment, the doctor suggested to do barium enema.But parents have concerns about the pain of doing barium meal and radiography radiation damage, inquired, learned that the first child can be diagnosed through ultrasound endography technology, immediately go to Beijing for medical treatment.”The child is constipated for a long time and is persistent, so further evaluation is necessary for hirschsprung’s disease.”Li Qi, deputy chief physician of general (neonatal) surgery, explained that ultrasound intravental angiography technology does not use contrast agent, but fills the colon and bowel cavity with normal saline, which not only avoids the barium retention caused by contrast agent discharge delay, but also overcomes the deficiency in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases caused by intestinal gas interference in traditional ultrasound.It can be used for the preliminary diagnosis of colonic inflammation, polyps, tumors and other lesions as well as hirschsprung’s disease.In addition, the examination does not require fasting, water restriction, sedation, no radiation damage, no obvious adverse reactions.The procedure, which took 20 minutes, confirmed the diagnosis of hirschsprung’s disease.After a rectal biopsy, Qingqing successfully underwent radical surgery in the general (neonatal) surgery department and recovered well after surgery.Hirschsprung’s disease is a common congenital malformation of the digestive tract, affecting about 1 in 5000 patients.The etiology is due to the loss of ganglion cells in the distal intestinal submucosa and intermuscular plexus, resulting in intestinal spasm and obstruction, resulting in abdominal distention, constipation and other symptoms.Once the diagnosis is made, surgical treatment should be performed to avoid missing the best time for treatment, which may lead to the further development of the disease or even life-threatening complications.It should be noted that the symptoms of hirschsprung’s disease are similar to those of functional constipation, which requires parents to pay attention to and improve the examination to confirm the diagnosis.