Gossip Zhao Benshan, Guo Degang, Zhou Libo, Venus and other entertainment stars

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Some years ago, someone posted a program for the 2021 Spring Festival GALA of CCTV on the Internet, among which there were some long-lost actors, such as MAO Amin and Zhao Benshan.It turned out to be a myth.I have not watched the Spring Festival Gala for many years and usually do not care much about entertainment programs.However, see “Zhao Benshan three words, or can not help surprise and excitement.In all the funny entertainment programs, I like the sketch king Zhao Benshan’s appearance.Say, Zhao Benshan sketch vulgar.I don’t think so.Some say zhao Benshan is a triad, I don’t know why.I just eat the masses, watch the theater, don’t care about the underworld.If the underworld wants to be dealt with, the police will follow.If the police do not care, even if it is really triad, as long as the play is good, as an audience, I will still enjoy it.Others said that Zhao Benshan had some problems, so he deserved to be banned from CCTV these years — but I only felt sorry.Steal thought, Zhao Benshan is worthy of sketch king, sketch art field is worthy of a generation of masters.Before Zhao Benshan, the art of sketch, still belongs to the minority, is not mature, it is difficult to survive independently.Zhao benshan’s sketches, such as “Selling abductions”, “Selling cars” and “Not bad Money”, have become classics, even the peak of sketches that are hard to reach for a while.Zhao Benshan’s plays are very good.Its language and structure are exquisite and concise.The body language is also excellent.As long as he stood on the stage, he was full of drama and very natural.His works seem to be “lower liba people”, but are really elegant and popular.In comparison, other sketches and actors are mostly shoddy, fake and shoddy, pretentious show off, wretched, and Zhao Benshan has a huge gap.Once, every year’s Spring Festival Gala, because of Zhao Benshan’s sketch, and the emergence of a new catchphrase.Once, each spring evening zhao Benshan sketch performance has become the climax of the public carnival.Many people equate the Gala with Zhao Benshan.Watch the Spring Festival Gala, mainly to see Zhao Benshan sketch.I am one of them.Rumors abound that Zhao benshan hasn’t appeared on CCTV’s Spring Festival gala for some years.From then on, I no longer care, let alone watch the Spring Festival gala.Since then, the Spring Festival Gala, in my personal entertainment and leisure activities were erased.Without Zhao Benshan, the Spring Festival Gala is meaningless for a fan like me.Perhaps like me this kind of many, Spring Festival Gala and Zhao Benshan have gradually faded out of our memory.Besides Zhao benshan, Zhou Libo, the representative of The Shanghai style talk show, is also very distinctive. Some of his programs are quite good criticism of current problems, which is also popular all over the country.In addition, the famous TV host Jin Xing’s sharp, witty, is also extraordinary.These are undoubtedly excellent entertainers with considerable individuality.But some have not heard its voice for a long time, or gradually faded out of people’s line of sight.As a melon eater, I still don’t know what the reason is.I have no intention of dwelling on it.These two days no matter on the network wandering around, see full screen is about Guo Degang missing this year’s Spring Festival gala related posts.Some people said that Guo Degang encountered the three customs of “being”, or it will be against Jiang Kun.Guo is likely to follow in the footsteps of zhao Benshan and Zhou Libo, he said.This is certainly not good news.Of course, I cross talk layman, usually also rarely see cross talk.Even guo degang’s crosstalk performances I have never seen in their entirety.But something tells me that if there is a crosstalk master of our time, it is Guo Degang.If so, must the stage of the only crosstalk master also give way to those crooked melon crack dates?Is this a time when yellow bells are destroyed and thunder is swept away?Or is it the natural laws of human development, which have dominated for decades?If it’s the former, I have nothing to say.If it is the latter, where and who is this new generation of great entertainers now?2022.2.5.