Is Fuchsbau Matchmaker coming?Male main set gong Jun at the beginning, see female: I don’t believe

2022-05-02 0 By

The news of “Fuchsbau Little Matchmaker” is going to be made into a film and television. As a well-known IP, it has indeed been set to be made into a film and television.”Little Matchmaker” is an animated film, after the film will be “red on the moon” and “King” two chapters of different episodes to show.Before “red on the moon,” she was once widely rumored to be Liu Shishi, male master is negotiating Tanjian times.But that chapter has yet to be finalized, and new news has emerged about “The Kingship.”It is reported that “King of Power” also opened the casting, male actor gong Jun initially, but saw the female, netizens expressed disbelief.The netizen revealed that “Fox Demon Little Matchmaker. King Power” male: Gong Jun, female: Liu Yifei.One is a new generation of popular post-90s students, one is a top player in the 85 flower, although the two are very popular, fans are also looking forward to their cooperation, but never thought it would come so soon.Gong jun’s fans say he has too many new plays to play every day, especially fuchsbau Matchmaker, which has been rumored to play gong since April last year, but has not been able to wait for an official announcement.Fans of Liu Yifei also don’t believe that “Fairy sister” could join the new cast before “Menghualu” has been aired.Liu yifei has rarely shot TV series, can not be so frequent.Of course, the original fan from the people set out to say that “King” female is a “cute sister”, apparently and Liu Yifei fairy floating temperament does not match, definitely can not be played by her.Based on the above, netizens are not convinced.Although I am looking forward to their cooperation, I hope it is some suitable scripts.So far there is no good news, so let’s look forward to gong Jun’s An Le Zhuan and Liu Yifei’s Dream Hualu.I hope these two great actors will have a big hit on their new show and work together later.