Major layout!Six newly established provincial enterprises in Henan province were unveiled

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Original title: Major layout!Six newly established provincial enterprises in Henan province were inaugurated on March 13,Henan Communications Investment Group Co., LTD., Henan Culture tourism Investment Group Co., LTD., Henan Zhongyu International Port Group Co., LTD., Henan Zhongyu Construction Investment Group Co., LTD., Yuxin Electronic Technology Group Co., LTD., Henan Zhongyu Credit Promotion Co., LTD., the first batch of reorganization enterprises centralized listing.This is a substantial step taken by the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the provincial government to reconstruct the state-owned economic landscape, reshape the state assets management system, and build a “flagship force” of provincial managed enterprises. It also marks significant progress made in the three-year campaign of henan’s decisive battle to win the soE reform.The layout of state-owned economy in Henan ushered in the strategic reshaping of Henan Communications Investment Group. Henan integrated expressway resources, optimized the layout of state-owned assets and enterprises, and enhanced the development vitality of transportation investment and financing enterprises.As the main investment and financing entity of major transportation projects in Henan Province, the company will undertake major transportation infrastructure construction and operation management tasks in Henan Province, and promote the transformation of henan’s transportation location advantage to hub advantage.In the future, the company will focus on the service advantage reengineering strategy, and strive to create a first-class comprehensive transportation investment and financing leading enterprise.As the “flagship” in the field of culture and tourism in Henan, Henan Culture and Tourism Investment Group will give full play to its three functions of investment and financing, operation management and comprehensive development, and create four platforms of investment and financing, operation management, comprehensive development and digital-intelligence creativity.Implement the five tasks of shaping the brand of “Walking henan, understanding China”, creating an international Yellow River cultural tourism belt, planning to build a leisure and health care base, developing a full-chain cultural and creative industry with distinctive characteristics, and cultivating and strengthening market players.Prepared in henan international port group focus type service system of open strategy, give full play to the trains operation, the advantages of the international and domestic trade and information technology development, integration of henan province inland port and river port business assets, resources complementary advantages to promote henan, integration and development, the construction of the advantage of henan province “WuTongYi” reengineering big platform, and stronger land port, river port “two plates”,Build “one network” for land port business and “one chain” for river port business in Henan Province to realize the integrated management of “investment, construction, management, transportation and trade”.The establishment of the company is to implement the major measures of henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government on the establishment of “large construction industry” in Henan. It will fulfill the responsibility of “building Henan Army”, gather large capital, create a big brand and form a big platform, and expand the three major markets within the province, domestic and international.We will strive to build a development pattern of “investment leading, industry supporting, integration of industry and finance, investment, construction and operation”, further promote high-quality development, and strive to achieve the target of “double 100 billion yuan” by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan.Prepare the letter to the group on the basis of the information industry investment co., LTD., henan, will be incorporated into the positive network technology co., LTD, integrating the provincial information industry resources, contributive government form a complete set, for the province tube backbone enterprises, mainly to undertake in henan province “in a way leading leading, the sustainer of digital transformation, innovation leader, five chain driven fusion practitioners” and other important mission,To coordinate the construction and operation of the provincial digital government, take the lead in promoting the digital transformation of industries, focus on cultivating the core industries of the digital economy, and innovate and incubate the forward-looking layout of future industries.Zhongyu Xinzeng is led by Zhongyuan Henan Capital Holding Group, which effectively fills the blank of credit enhancement tools in zhongyuan region.As a professional financial tool supporting the reform of state-owned assets and enterprises in Henan Province, the company will meet the needs of Henan province for credit enhancement tools, help to improve the construction of the provincial credit system, optimize the financial risk sharing mechanism, and boost the high-quality development of the bond market.With the strategic restructuring of enterprises in Henan province this year, the newly established enterprises concentrated unveiling, henan province, the business layout of enterprises has been improved, the business capacity of relevant enterprises has been further strengthened, the importance of the system has been further enhanced, the economic development of Henan “stabilizer” “ballast stone” role will be further played.These six provincial-level enterprises are all in important industries and key fields related to the lifeblood of the national economy, which will provide important impetus for Henan province to implement the “Two guarantees” and the “Ten strategies”.Next, Henan province will also be unveiled in batches of other strategic restructuring of the newly established enterprises, from the “root” to reshape the territory of Henan state assets, reshape the state assets management system.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: