North Control strong aid has not entered, Shenyang preparation stage three, Gordon interview

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Patriotic basket, love CBA, I am Luo Sister, friends after watching remember to like!The North Control team is absolutely going to make the CBA playoffs this season, which is actually the goal they set last season. However, it is a pity that last season, The North Control team and Guangzhou team had the same record, but after counting small points, they lost to Guangzhou Team, which ranked the 13th in the regular season.This position is a position throughout the worst season down, because in addition to can’t get into the playoffs on the lottery draw will also very hurt, a lot of teams would rather ranked definitely don’t want to row in the 13th, but current BeiKong accounted for a playoff seats, they to 14 about 14 ranks the 11th in the league,North Control has a good chance of achieving its goal without any surprises.Fans are concerned about one thing is the fourth foreign aid Deng Meng BeiKong team when can reach the designated position, after all, the current BeiKong lenzi in three foreign aid team he belongs to attack foreign aid, Hans and many petrovic all belong to the inside foreign aid, only Deng Meng foreign aid is a defender, his arrival of BeiKong team help is very big, but recently there is a bad news,According to a well-known Beijing basketball reporter, Deng Meng has not entered the country to begin quarantine so far, and he is not expected to make it to the third stage of the game.For BeiKong team is larger, the influence of the team, after all, at present the most need is defender, liao ning three injured after BeiKong team doesn’t even have a steady hold golfers, namely Deng Meng coming to marbury to solve this problem, the key point is lenzi’s before the state is not good, and his style of play is very unique, like a person attack to solve the problem,North Point can’t let Landsberg distribute the ball, it will lead to a situation of one player playing and four players watching.Perhaps that’s because Deng Meng could not arrive in time, so BeiKong team in the offseason to start trial some defender in the free market, such as Li Qingxiang and Duan Jiang peng, including Li Qingxiang is a standard point guard, if BeiKong team will he sign to a certain extent, ease the problem of shortage of personnel, number oneThis season the North Control team will usher in the most critical phase of the third regular season games, only play well in this phase of the game, they can successfully enter the playoffs, Dunmon to help them a lot.Los elder sister think Deng Meng the small foreign aid in zhejiang performance was good, but last season in Shanghai during the play, his presence is obvious, BeiKong team will all their hope on Deng Meng body not too, after all whether lenzi berger or Deng Meng, in plain English is Chinese out of foreign aid,North Point could consider giving some of its young guards a chance to show off, in the face of huge pressure to achieve results, maybe it can bring out their potential.Markus Deng Meng period of Chinese play the second message about shenyang, have recently, according to people familiar with the shenyang have begun preparing to hold the third stage of the regular season, before they are sent a working group to study changchun division, now is in an orderly way of preparing the third stage of the CBA season in shenyang.For liaoning fans is definitely a good news, after all, since the outbreak, the fans will not be able to watch at home, liaoning is fans are one of the largest number of teams in the CBA league, if the third phase of the regular season games will be held in shenyang, estimates that a lot of fans will choose to go to the stadium.Last offseason, liaoning and jilin team held two open warm-up match, the two games are held in liaoning, at that time, can be said to be packed in the gymnasium, appear even hard to get a ticket, unfortunately scholar zhang town, Zhao Jiwei, pg for their own reasons and did not attend the two warm-up match.Especially, zhang town ‘the player since he joined – then I haven’t played in the home of the team, the support of many fans want to go to the stars of the future, liaoning, the third stage of the season regular season wish can achieve, when no accident in shenyang will undertake half of the third stage game.Los elder sister think – would be arranged after playing in shenyang, this is, after all, their home game regular season CBA official also doesn’t shy away from home that appear at present, in changchun, jilin team before the conference all matches are open to the public, liaoning fans can focus on schedule, after the ticket for the first time.- front players zhang town ‘third message about runner-up bayi narrowly Gordon, fujian local media recently when the team trained in the set of Gordon, interviewed in the interview, Gordon give vent to your inner voice, according to him this season after the goal is to help the runner-up bayi narrowly win more matches, his body state is very good.From the regular season in the second stage game really can also see that golden state basic invincible, he is currently the CBA league averaged score most foreign aid, Gordon every game can average scored 41 points, this is really unusual, since open four four batters foreign aid system, no foreign aid can get 40 points a game.Jones, a small foreign aid of Jilin team, averaged only 38 points per game last season. Gordon’s offensive ability is even stronger than Jones. The most important thing is that Gordon’s rebounds and assists are not bad, he plays like he doesn’t feel tired.Data so amazing, however even if Gordon runner-up bayi narrowly or out of the playoff berth race ahead of schedule, Gordon really is no way, this season CBA trip for him only last 10 rounds of competition, can help runner-up bayi narrowly won more games is the dream of Gordon, above all, he is not able to a top five players.Elder sister feel after the end of this season, there should be more teams interested in Gordon, a small foreign aid, to tell the truth although Gordon data like his brush their own, but if he can join a good team, for the team’s help is also big, Gordon as long as the right to lower their hand more series team.Runner-up bayi narrowly small foreign aid Gordon imagine if Gordon joined guangdong foreign aid, the strength of the guangdong will definitely have a lot of ascension, when the team players feel poor, Gordon scored to stand up, when the poor state of Gordon, guangdong players to the top, both sides can be complementary.Runner-up bayi narrowly the reason in the case of with Gordon or bad performance, the reason is very simple, they desire to attack other players is really too low, in the shadow of Gordon this big umbrella, runner-up bayi narrowly players has become a spectator, they give the ball to Gordon directly after to get into the grandstands model, this can’t be sure.Love CBA patriotic basket concern luo Elder sister, speed to see the latest CBA intelligence.