Norwegian women who gave birth to German soldiers and were paraded through the streets with their heads shaved by their compatriots during World War II were right and wrong

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You have no idea what life was like for Norwegian women under the German army during World War II.He was forced to give birth to a child for the German ethnic plan, and was tortured by his own people after the war, just to survive, but he became the biggest victim of the war.What happened to these Norwegian women?How did they end up?Please click “Like” to learn about the tragic fate of women in Norway during the war.Land collapse after falling fertility tools in Norway was occupied, city streets, are plastered with posters all sorts of brainwashing for Norwegian female, for these people to feel, and have a pure German soldiers, is a supreme glory, there are a lot of Norwegian women also do not know their pedigree is noble, but according to the description of the German point of view,These women really fit the bill, the countries invaded by the German army, not to mention the unequal distribution of resources, even people’s lives are not the next meal.Norwegian women although Norway has a very beautiful scenery, but at the time of Europe is one of the very poor, so, the Norwegian woman in see “source of life” plan, with generous welfare benefits, then put hopes on this matter to have a baby for the germans, forced to succumb to invade their homeland in order to survive the germans, on the one hand is to be able to get food,But also to keep themselves and their families safe.Part so there were a lot of women, institutions were forced to walk into the source of life, giving birth to combine with the German children, or even part of the Norwegian woman, in the process, like those big burly German soldiers, no matter the German is his own enemy, even willing to talk to the German talk about in love.Norwegian women but also some Norwegian women very firmly, will not be for the benefit of the eyes to yield to the victims, but at the time the German strong offensive, these women are the germans take turns to shame after pregnancy, pregnant with the child with the enemy is a thing what a shame, but in Norway, abortion is illegal, if you want a kid dozen, light person will be in jail,The worst were sent straight to concentration camps.It is a sin to give birth to such a child, and it is very difficult to save one’s own life if one does not give birth. Therefore, these Norwegian women choose to give birth to their children in the institution of the Source of life in an impossible way.Babies born in the Fount of Life were not left to their mothers, because the children born in the fount belonged to the German army, and there were special personnel in the fount who treated the so-called superior children the way the Germans raised their children.The children of the Lifesource program were explicitly meant to be taught by the Nazis from the moment they were conscious of it, and that was to get Hitler’s ideas into the bones of these children, because only then, for the Nazis, could the purpose of the LifeSource organization really be achieved.And if it some Norwegian women want, they can have more than one baby, more children will get the medal awarded by the germans, because that some of their senior German ancestry to foster has made a great contribution, but in fact the women’s fertility machine is no problem, the germans don’t care so much, since people are willing to have children for them, then appropriate reward.High blood of the children at this time, for the Norwegian woman, born not to have children, and who have children, children how to live, after all relevant has nothing to do with them again, not in the women’s control range, never imagined, countries in the time of their trouble not soldiers, but the poor woman was pushed to the front,Reduced to a breeding tool, one after another for the German army to produce excellent race.See Norwegian women have so much use, the German will be a lot of energy, the source of life in Norway’s plan, even thought in their after the victory of war of aggression, should how to do, but don’t want to have when they plan their dreams, defeated the germans in 1945, 7 million German soldiers became prisoners in a flash,As the Germans evacuated Norway, the source of life was destroyed in order to hide their presence.The end of the war, after years of war, is a very happy thing for the people of every country. When these Norwegian people celebrate in the streets, the nightmare of Norwegian women really begins.You know, during the war, many women in Norway in the case of voluntary or forced, relations with the germans, but the Norwegian police, in order to complete the German army, the trace of wreckage once they remove, start the streets searching for those who had had an affair with German women in Norway, will they all in the name of treason to the prison.Norwegian woman caught have to say, this some Norwegian police also is “power”, the germans had invaded them, lose your life, hiding in the corner silent, the rap was forced to let their country’s women go out, but this time turned against is denied, the persecuted woman caught up in the war, and many people in Norway is crazy,The German army had not dared to speak out when inflicting atrocities on them, but the result was that after the German army retreated, all the repressed anger in my heart was vented on the woman.Even more excessive, the Norwegian people take these and German soldiers had relations of Norwegian women, all the way to the street demonstrations, even also shaved off these women, as the hair of dignity and stripped of clothes, let them walk in the street, the Norwegian estimated also have this ability, resistance is not strong opponent, take their country weak woman.Is now the Norwegian woman, of course, for these women, not just humiliated this street, and even the woman naked body bound, hands walking in the street, leaving aside of onlookers people throw stones at them spit at random, and some women can even be their compatriots were killed, in the eyes of the Norwegian people don’t see any sadness,Only the joy and relief they showed to vent their anger at the invaders.The Norwegian if there is anger in the heart, really big are sprinkled on those who can put the internal heat, during the German invasion of selling intelligence and treason spy, there is no need for these hand hand under the helpless woman, just because these women, in violation of the Norwegian domestic unwritten rules and moral standards, let them be more cruel than the war terrible treatment,Why would these women have physical contact with people they hate and give birth to babies in order to survive if they weren’t forced to?After these women were tortured by their compatriots, the final outcome was also very tragic. They were disliked by the people in their own country, while the Germans did not admit what they had done. The German army could cover up their crimes, but how could it admit it before it was too late?In the end, these innocent women bear the consequences of the war.They didn’t fight in the war, but they were also persecuted in the war, and when the war was over, they should have been pacified and treated well, but they ended up being the targets of scorn by their own countrymen.Nearly 50,000 Norwegian women end up either insane or alone.War victims Hitler pervert “race” plan as early as before the outbreak of world war ii, Hitler’s one-child policy is first implemented in their home, don’t look at the five big three thick, but in fact mind is very exquisite, he often came to power in his own, to carry on the speech, all over the country, the purpose is to through this way demagogic, let more and more people to convince him,So at that time, there were a lot of young German girls who looked to Hitler as their ideal, and then later on, when Hitler started his Health project, there were a lot of German women involved.But there were far fewer children born to women at home, so after Germany invaded other countries, it took the Source of Life program to other countries, getting as many women as possible to make babies for its army.Hitler’s speech in the eyes of the germans, the Norwegian woman with golden hair, blue eyes, that’s what they look forward to in our hearts, the pure Aryan race, also because of such outstanding appearance, let Hitler to these women, as the “source of life” plan of its own top target goal, and to optimize the way of German racial ancestry,Is to have these Aryan women give birth to their German children.So during the second world war, in addition to Germany crazy cruel murder of jews, also is to use some of the best national outstanding pedigree of the woman, to cultivate more children, at first, the source of life, this body at the time of establishing, is designed for the Nazi officers wives, because of the Nazi officers partner, certainly also has advanced descent, best,Can produce more excellent talents for Germany.At the same time, Germany would reward these women, but only German women to carry out this family planning, far from the Nazi Party’s plan.Nazi breeding super race so Germany occupied by them in other countries, also set up the the source of life, in all these countries choose meets the requirements of women, for their children, but the situation in Norway, the establishment of the source of life institutions is far more than just one or two, because for the germans,Women in Norway were genetically superior to those in other countries, so there were no fewer than eight lifesource institutions in Norway.Although these Norwegian women gave birth to the enemy’s children, but they were forced under the circumstances, the tragic consequences of the war, should not be borne by these miserable women, do you think these Norwegian women, the end is miserable or deserved?Feel free to leave a comment below.