On the first day of the New Year, I send my New Year’s greetings to my leaders on wechat.

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See this problem, I specialized back to the number of this year to the leadership of the message, a total of 11, are New Year’s eve night hair, that night back to have six, the next morning back to three, the afternoon back to one, one did not return.It was all to be expected.These years send New Year’s greetings information, less than one year, the year before last sent more than 20, last year sent eighteen, this year directly down to eleven.Hair is directly related to their own leaders, such as the previous to help their own leaders, superiors counterpart business leaders, leaders in charge of the unit, other colleagues, level of leadership are not hair, save their own trouble, also less trouble to reply to others, hello I good everyone good, simple and pure.Send out, also do not care about others back, this kind of courtesy greetings, as long as you do not neglect others, not by others to speak the truth, what others think has no matter, for a feel at ease.When I was young, I used to send mass messages to leaders and colleagues during holidays and waited to see who would reply.Colleagues back not back, which leader does not back to the heart will have a knot in one’s heart, is not the leadership of their own opinions, is not their own information is wrong, will not affect the leadership of their impression, and then cause passive work, and so on.At that time, I wanted to make progress and make achievements. I cared too much about the opinions of others, especially the perception of leaders, so I felt heavy burden.Now a lot of things open, to these things with a natural attitude, a lot of people relaxed.Send New Year’s greetings to leaders, you should hold this kind of peace of mind to treat.This is only a very common life of a small detail, the so-called hand does not hit smiling people, you do, no matter the leader back or not back, first of all you will not be impolite, this is enough.Do not expect a wechat to change the impression of leaders on their own, how much return, it is unrealistic.The communication with leaders is more about winning the favor of leaders with work in peacetime, and solving problems for leaders at the right time. Only in this way can we truly walk into the heart of leaders, gradually establish a deep relationship with leaders, and then get the opportunity given by leaders.Everything just fell into place.Back to the point.Subordinates send wechat New Year greetings to their leaders, but there are no more than three reasons for the leaders not to return the message: 1. You are not worthy of the leaders to return the message, or your weight is not enough, the leaders feel that you do not need to return you, look at it and put it down.This is often because subordinates and leadership level is too big, or not familiar enough.In this relationship, in fact, subordinates can not send information to the leadership New Year, but it does not matter, ceremony many people are not strange, the leadership does not back you do not represent he does not know, in the long run maybe one day will play a role.2. The leaders themselves are not interested in this and do not want to spend time on boring things like replying messages. Therefore, when they receive too many messages of blessing from their subordinates, they will choose to reply to a few important ones and ignore all the others.For such a leader, feel clear temperament can not think too much, normal hair can, do not consider the reply.3, the leadership forgot to reply.New Year blessing message too much, the leadership was looking at the reply, the results later forgotten, this situation is often.No matter what kind of case, as long as you start the New Year to send blessing messages to the leadership, no matter whether the leadership back, later to insist on sending information.This is like a gift, the leader may not remember who gave him, but who did not give him he is absolutely clear, so open the hair blessing, then stick to it, no question results, there will be a return.