Prosperity!Ning county active serviceman Guo Baolong won third-class merit

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to further promote the glorious tradition of military support and excellent family, changqingqiao town held a solemn and warm activity on February 11 to send good news to the family of guo Baolong, an active servicemen who won third-class merit award, and extend sincere New Year’s greetings.Gongs and drums, firecrackers, in the small hospital of Guo Baolong home, Yang Yajun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Changqingqiao town, read the good news in public, wear red flowers for military families, the scene is brimming with smile, applause, congratulations for the contribution to national defense and army construction of the hero, meritorious service recognition!The good news came from the barracks with the officers and men’s hard work and full of glory over the year, but also let the soldiers and their families feel warm in winter.Good news, though small, plays a big role. It is linked to the morale of the army and the expectation of the military family, attracting more young people with ambition to join the military camp, make achievements and serve the motherland.Full of glory source: vibrant Changqing Bridge