Really hard!Dongfeng special four-wheel drive saloons, 4.1T power exploration team the same, there are three layouts to choose from

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Hello, everyone!When it comes to the four-wheel drive cross-country saloons, the price is close to the people, the mainstream is a pickup truck type saloons, if you want to play luxurious, extreme, there are also heavy card saloons optional, but the price of millions of yuan is not acceptable to the average person.Recently we experience a, both have strong off-road through sex, the price and the mainstream models is quite new saloon car, even worse is the car chassis is with the petroleum exploration team, the team, details see below ~ the new car is the all-wheel-drive challenger cross-country car from shenzhen, a cross-country car based on dongfeng special bus chassis to build,Perhaps many people saw the car feel more strange, that’s because the car market supply chassis is not used for civilian use, but for some special areas, such as oil exploration, such as no man’s land research complex road conditions and used under the bad environment, which can get the conclusion that the car is perfect for those who like crossing the no man’s land or heavy off-road enthusiasts.Although the chassis is nominally a “coach”, but the mainstream and minibuses are not small area, the whole car looked like is mounted on the wheel, posture is tall, is higher than that of the resulting interior floor will get higher off the ground clearance, clearance from the ground floor this car reached 1.17 meters, such a high floor clearance from the ground,When the vehicle passes some wading sections, there is no need to worry about water overflowing into the car.In the chassis, the car used only on pure hard suv will use hard before and after the bridge structure, the maximum extent, ensure the four wheels and chassis strength, saloon car as a need to take care of comfort, however, that such a design on the comfort would be at a discount, but can also be late by the optional nitrogen shock absorption and air suspension seat to improve.The whole car looks tall and big, but the actual size is still 5990*2280*3030mm in length, width and height, which meets the requirements of C blue brand driving. In terms of power, it provides a 4.1T diesel engine from Weichai, with maximum horsepower of 170Ps and peak torque of 600N·m. Matching with a 6-speed manual transmission, there are certain requirements for driving technology.But for those old off-road guns, I find manual gear more attractive.The exterior of the car body also supports optional installation of some off-road related external equipment. The front part of the actual shooting model is equipped with competitive bars, bar spotlights and 20000 pounds winch, which can be customized according to their actual use needs in the later stage.An electric awning is provided on the side of the car body. The control switch is located above the door in the carriage. It is convenient to open the awning with a simple press.The design of the tail is relatively simple, the robust roof ladder and two groups of expansion slots, not only convenient to the roof operation can also be installed again some additional equipment, such as the trapped version, small fuel tank, etc., the bottom of the tail also provides a trailer square mouth, convenient traction trailer or other equipment.Enter inside, cab and trunk living area through type design, this and common minibuses or the like, so is the bridge and the benefits of living area, before and after the communication more convenient, but one thing to note is that the engine is located between the deputy chair, occupy a certain space,As a result, the available degree of this area is relatively limited. It is a common practice to use the real camera car as a platform. Do you have any good design ideas for this area?You can interact with us in the comments section below. The rear of the cab adopts 2+1 seat layout, and the three seats adopt Mercedes V-class seats of the same type, so there is no problem in daily ride comfort.Of the more interesting is that the owner of this car in behind the options for a super comfortable sofa of chivas regal, daily rest sitting here is quite pleasant, when the small table in front of the collocation is used, eating, watching movies, light office is no problem, this is the good custom, can be set with the mood ~ is located in the top of the car also provides a platform to the 12 v vehicle air conditioning,In addition, a household frequency conversion air conditioner and diesel air heater are also provided at the rear of the carriage, which can choose the appropriate heating and cooling mode according to different temperature and operating environment.As the car is customized by the owner, there is no toilet in the car. Daily washing can be done through the washbasin behind the middle door. At the same time, there is also a small refrigerator with a small volume.It should be noted that the new regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly stipulate that “the interior of the sojourn vehicle must have independent toilet facilities”, so the layout style of this car will also be out of print.At the rear of the car, the owner chose a set of double beds. The upper window size is 2100*1500mm, which can sleep two adults, and the bed board can be lifted up.Below is a booth rest area, put up the upper bed, you can sit down to eat and relax, here can also be put together into a size of about 1500*2100mm double bed.In addition to this horizontal bed layout, you can also customize the form of longitudinal bed, independent integrated kitchen, according to their own needs, more humanized.Power system, this car is also abundant, 5000W inverter, 24V 400Ah lithium battery, 600W solar cell formed a car environment for 10 degree electricity, with the chassis of the double generator, driving 4 hours can be full, basically go out to play can do without worry.As a whole, which is based on dongfeng special all-wheel-drive bus chassis of cross-country car, in similar products belong to is new models, for ordinary saloon car players may find some bragging, but for those who like heavy cross enthusiasts, will no doubt is a good choice, the key is the price of this car is much heavier than those imported card rv much lower,The price is 590,000 yuan, basically and some domestic Iveco’s high matching model price is equivalent, such a special passenger car can cross country, we think how?More rv video, rv information welcome to continue to pay attention to rv information ~