Spring fishing beach most afraid of running fish fry nest, random repair nest will only add insult to injury, old anglers do so

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Spring has come, and the fishing shoal, but fishing shoal will encounter an unavoidable problem, that is, run fish nest.The so-called den, to put it bluntly, is that the fish were frightened and scattered. This situation will happen whether it is wild fishing black pit, whether it is deep and shallow water can be encountered, but the probability of shallow water occurs when fishing a little more.Since it is inevitable, face it squarely and think about how you can remedy it if you encounter it.Before the article begins, it should be noted that there are some underwater videos on the Internet that show fish running away after being frightened, but coming back after a short time. Therefore, many people think that “the effect of the nest is not so big” after watching the video.In this regard, I can only say that the fish situation is different, different species, different individuals, so the fish reaction is not the same, we can not be generalized, easy to draw a conclusion.This time last year, I wrote about this problem. If you are afraid of caves and often experience them, prevention is more important than remedy.Prevention is also very simple, the most reliable is to hit two or more nests, for example, people playing traditional fishing is relatively less headache this problem, because a dozen is three or five nests, even if one of them ran the fish to completely destroy the nest, it does not matter, because there are several nests to catch.We play table fishing is not suitable for many nests, but two can take care of, if there are too many fishermen and you are afraid of being occupied in other places to hit the nest, it is near the main nest, such as left front or right front hit one.Another advantage of this is that your main den doesn’t have any fish at all, so you can try another den. Maybe there are fish in that den.In addition to playing two holes before, another very effective method is to put more mouth, as far as possible to grasp the sure movement.The downside is that you might let go of the mouth that could actually catch the fish, but it doesn’t really matter, because as long as you don’t hook the fish, it will usually stay in the nest and have a chance to catch it.My fishing philosophy is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t catch it, but you can’t catch it because you can’t run off the hook.If there were any sensible precautions, it would be a stiffer rod, a bigger hook and a blunter hook.Accidentally ran fish, how can we remedy, there are two things must be clear to be effective, it must have a targeted, literally, for example, from floating fish a lot of people thought of the fishing float fishing float tend to see the effect, but the reality is you didn’t find out the cause of the fish floating, such as fish because of illness, lack of oxygen and floating, the physical condition is bad,I don’t want to eat, and even if I put food in my mouth, I won’t eat it.Let’s talk about running fish fry nest this matter is the same, for example, many people after running fish remedial measures is to hit the nest, immediately throw two balls of nest material to hope to lure the fish back quickly.If there are a lot of fish in the nest, you can repair the nest effectively. In fact, even if you do not repair the nest, the fish will come back later.That’s what you see in some underwater videos, where the fish get scared and run away and come back a little bit later, and there are more fish, or they’re hungry.That is to say, if you are on the connecting rod fish, fishing suddenly unhooked, this time the problem is not big, fish when most of the state is to grab food, running one or two is nothing.If we throw one more shot, the bait will still be eaten quickly, and no measures need to be taken, not even to repair the nest.If the number of fish is not many, this is the “slow jump”, that is, after a few minutes to catch a fish, when running fish found that the mouth of the fish obviously slow, then we can rub a few big bait down, and then catch slower, see small mouth put, do not cause running fish again.If you are a traditional fisherman, it is easy to solve, just change the fishing lane.The second case, the big fish or fishing under the condition of the fish mouth is slow run a fish the big fish is more cautious, 2 it is to won’t flocking into the socket, that is to say, the big fish when fishing port also will surely not quick, if the fish to be bad, I suggest not to fill a lot of litter is expected to bottom go to, is to rub the bait nest way better, after observing the rub a seven or eight pole,Don’t get up too often. If you can’t, you can’t.If fish, but the nest crucian carp is not many, mouth is very slow, the fish is not regular is half a day to a, in this case if the fish run, first of all do not fill nest.Because there are fewer fish, the consumption rate of nesting material is slow, if you run after the fish and fill the nesting material, even if there are fish in the nest after I am afraid is not good fishing!I have tried several times, both traditional fishing and Taiwan fishing are the same, and not just run fish, such as your nest after catching a few fish no mouth, also do not recommend disorderly repair nest.It is better to stop and wait and catch fish. I have seen many times that I never catch fish again if I go to repair the nest.If you start with two or more holes, then when you run and find no holes, you should fish in another hole, wait 20 or 30 minutes and then go back to try, if still no holes, wait again!Because in this case, it is not necessarily run fish formed the nest, may be the nest itself there is no fish, you catch in front of just passing fish!Finally, the black pit for fishing for running fish deep nest processing is almost the same, in the case of fishing on the fish is very fast, run a few fish, as long as the rod frequency don’t slow down, followed by a long snack don’t run fish.If there are not too many fish in the nest and the speed of fish loading is not fast, then the frequency of rod pulling for normal fishing will not be very fast. The measures I usually take are lead skin or pinching loose cannon on the sub-line, bringing two or three balls down, or fishing for a period of time with twist bait instead of making up the nest.The most difficult thing to get is “stealing donkeys”, because the places I go to steal donkeys are usually the kind of low fees, these places are either less fish or unhealthy fish, in short, it is difficult to catch.Let alone run fish, even if not run fish is half a day to eat.In such a place to fish, the nest can not be too much, even if the fish can not run in the nest, the most is to run after the fish in the nest fishing, before and after about 50 centimeters can be under the hook, sometimes the nest edge with a tease, maybe can fail to a few fish.Xiao Fei, a post-90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to record the beauty of fishing in writing and leave his experience to those who need help.