The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, many vitiligo patients concerned: vitiligo can eat the Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival is the first important festival after the Spring Festival, the southern Tangyuan, the northern Yuanxiao, are the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival Chinese residents traditional food.Both men and women love to eat, “eat to the mouth, sweet to the heart”, which has become a round symbol.Vitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease.As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for people, and vitiligo care starts from “eating”.So, for people suffering from vitiligo, Lantern Festival can also enjoy eating yuanxiao?In this regard, Beijing Association of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine seventh skin venereal professional committee, Beijing Guodan Vitiligo hospital Director Wang Jiahuai pointed out that vitiligo patients pay attention to scientific care in daily life, reasonable arrangement of diet.Under normal circumstances can eat yuanxiao, but do not take too much.Southern tangyuan and Northern Yuanxiao are mostly filled with white sugar, rose, sesame, bean paste, huanggui, walnut, nut and jujube paste. They are wrapped in a round shape with glutinous rice powder. They can be both meat and vegetable with different flavors.Soup can be boiled, fried, steamed food, reunion happy meaning.Rich nutrition, spleen appetizer, appropriate to eat some yuanxiao is beneficial to health.But yuanxiao mostly contains a lot of fat and sugar, high calories, for overweight or suffering from hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes vitiligo patients, should not be excessive intake.Do not use fried, fried method, more suitable for steaming or boiling cooking method.In addition, both yuanxiao and tangyuan are made of glutinous rice flour.Glutinous rice contains more starch, high viscosity and is not easy to digest.Don’t eat yuanxiao as a single meal.Patients with vitiligo with poor gastrointestinal function, especially elderly patients and children with vitiligo, should pay special attention when eating, so as not to cause dyspepsia or swallowing obstruction.TCM health preservation and disease prevention advocates “three separate treatment, seven separate nourishing”.Director Wang Jiahuai reminded vitiligo patients, during the Lantern Festival, in addition to eating yuanxiao do not take on too much.Also want to eat less spicy, cold, irritating food, can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.In addition, during the Lantern Festival, vitiligo patients should drink less and do not smoke.In particular, there are often festival activities during the Lantern Festival, such as flower lantern viewing, stilt walking, dragon lantern playing, lion dancing and other traditional folk customs. When vitiligo patients participate in activities, they should avoid fatigue, prevent skin damage and avoid vitiligo isomorphic reaction.As the saying goes, a year’s plan begins in spring, and after the Lantern Festival, the breath of spring quickens its pace.Vitiligo care should also start from the details of daily life, reasonable diet, regular work and rest, moderate exercise.In addition, do not forget treatment, as soon as possible to formal hospital to accept scientific diagnosis and treatment.Combination of prevention and treatment, accelerate the improvement of vitiligo complex color.It is understood that vitiligo is not contagious, it is a skin leucorrhea caused by multiple causes of human immune disorders resulting in melanin loss.To cure vitiligo, we should pay attention to harmonizing immunity, activating tyrosinase, and treating vitiligo from inside to outside.Over the years, Wang jiahuai’s team has helped many patients get rid of vitiligo by targeting vitiligo treatment from blood.