The human world: kneel for 30 yuan, zheng Ma’s humble, pierced Zheng Juan’s final self-esteem

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Zheng Juan is one of the most hard luck “in the” role, she was discarded by biological parents, eventually to be picked up by a an old man selling ice cream, and raised hard, very not easy look forward to marry can turn, her husband was killed because of impulsive, Zheng Juan life seems to be overnight back to reality, not a pillar, her stomach was pregnant with the child,How is this family supposed to live with being judged?Fortunately, elder brother is a handout spirit, the water TuZhiQiang died, he know Zheng Juan reluctant to accept his money, so I find Zhou Bingkun when middlemen, Zhou Bingkun somehow is TuZhiQiang good brother, if he’s open, Zheng Juan might accept, can everyone underestimated Zheng Juan pride, although she lost her husband, but low also don’t want to let people see his one eye, in the face of someone else’s charity,Zheng Juan is absolutely won’t want, let alone that person or his enemy.TuZhiQiang one month’s salary is $21, enough Zheng Juan family live a happy life, over the years after the death of TuZhiQiang so, the elder brother of the water for the sake of taking care of his family, drag Zhou Bingkun bring Zheng Juan 30 yuan per month, is my little mind, and another five dollars, is Zhou Bingkun ran the trip, but for 35 yuan, Zhou Bingkun haven’t left a hair,Are going to give Zheng Juan, also be a human duty, was a good one, who knows zheng Juan to drive out.Zhou Bingkun is a hot-blooded my hero, his kindness was refused, unavoidably anger in the heart, from Zheng Juan home is riding a bicycle, finally together Zheng Juan mother and brother chased out, thought is an apology, who wanted to Zheng Juan mother but kneel down and beg for Zhou Bingkun give her the money, for the day of the family is too bitter,That’s enough to feed every child a full meal.It is 30 yuan just however, Zheng Ma actually president kneel cannot afford, it seems that this family was really forced to the end of the life, but she kneels down that moment, the humble that comes out from inside reveal, the final self-esteem of daughter Zheng Juan all gave puncture, also give up all the proud spirit of the daughter.Do not know how many viewers are such a kneeling break defense, can only say, Zheng Juan’s life is too bitter, bitter to let a person feel distressed.Lived for more than 20 years, the existence of Zhou Bingkun always considered himself as a failure, who wanted to have days than their bitter, in the face of Zheng Juan mother begged, he didn’t even think about gave the money to the family, and Zheng Juan mother after getting money, immediately disappeared, afraid to regret Zhou Bingkun thought this would be okay, Zheng Juan brother played again, his attitude and his mother,They were all asking for money, and he wanted Chow to bring money every month.The poor, a humble is deduced to get incisively and vividly Zheng Juan family, she may put their own pride, accept the money, after all, that is his due, as she puts it, TuZhiQiang if not with water elder brother won’t die, but now that the elder brother of the water has paid, she should accept, does not forgive not forgive,Let your family not be so humble outside!Fate is cruel, Zheng Juan’s life seems to be from the moment of birth, has been doomed to be abandoned, both biological parents, or her husband, it seems that there is no warm home belongs to her, this bitter really let a person love dearly.