To the seaside play vehicles trapped beach police emergency rescue

2022-05-02 0 By

Qilu Evening News • Qilu One point reporter Song Zufeng correspondent Sun Renqiang recently, a man in Jimo drove his family to the seaside to play, and drove the car into the beach resulting in the car stuck in the sand can not drive off.Patrol police found, to help drag out the trapped vehicle.At 13:30 on January 31, jimo public Security sub-bureau shannan Marine police station police patrol to Tian Hengdao provincial tourist resort donkey island, found a black Hyundai car parked on the beach, in order to remind the owner to leave in time to avoid being trapped, police immediately rushed to the location of the vehicle.See the police come over, the owner Of Mr. Zhang very excited, hurried forward for help, the original vehicle has been stuck in the beach can not leave.It is understood that after lunch on the same day, Mr. Zhang drove his family to the seaside to play, because he was not familiar with the beach situation, found that the sea far away from the shore, they will drive into the beach, to be half an hour to return to find the vehicle tire has been stuck in the sand can not drive off.At this time, the sea is high tide, the situation is very urgent.In order to timely tow the vehicle from the beach, the police quickly contact the surrounding villages, find a trailer, the trailer in front of the drag, police and Mr. Zhang in the back of the cart coordination, finally trapped vehicles were successfully towed out of the beach.After getting out of the trap, Mr. Zhang expressed his heartfelt thanks to the police and villagers for their warm-hearted assistance.