Twelve people froze to death and disputes broke out between the two countries

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“Twelve migrants found frozen to death sparks diplomatic row between Turkey and Greece,” CNN reported under the title on February 2. Twelve migrants were found dead in a Turkish town on the Border with Greece.Where the migrants came from and why they were trapped in the cold remained unclear, but both countries blamed each other for the tragedy, the report said.Turkish officials carry the bodies of migrants a week after a rare winter storm blanketed both countries in snow.More than a dozen migrants have frozen to death in Yipsala, a border town often stopped by migrants seeking to enter the European Union, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said Sunday.Soylu said on Twitter that the group of migrants were turned away by Greek border officials and had their shoes and clothes taken from them.He also posted grainy images on Twitter showing what appeared to be at least eight bodies, some clothed and lying in the mud.Mr Soylu criticised Greek border patrols as thugs and said the EU was “powerless, weak and devoid of humanitarian feeling”.However, Greek Immigration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarahi denied Soylu’s allegations.”The death of 12 migrants at the Turkish border near Ipsala is a tragedy,” he said in a statement, but the truth behind the incident bears no resemblance to the false propaganda being put out by The Turkish side.Mr. Mitarahi also said the migrants “never reached the border.”The 12 migrants were part of a group of 22, according to CNN.Local authorities said in a statement that they were still looking for the remaining 10 people and had launched an investigation into the incident.Source: Huanqiu/Jiangnan Old Ding Column Editor: Zhang Wu Text editor: Song Yanlin Title photo source: IC Photo Editor: Shao Jing Source: Author: Huanqiu