Wucheng Town, Tongbo County: Strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of prevention and control measures

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement the deployment of epidemic prevention and control at provincial, municipal and county levels, strengthen epidemic prevention and control work strictly and strictly, strengthen the role of the defense line, tighten the discipline of epidemic prevention and control work, and ensure solid progress of epidemic prevention and control work, recently,Zhang Changge, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wucheng Town of Tongbo County, Guo Tianxu, Mayor of Wucheng Town of Tongbo County, Wang Lianying, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Yang Zhihan, deputy mayor in charge of epidemic prevention and control, respectively led teams to carry out high-frequency supervision and inspection at epidemic prevention and control checkpoints.At the scene of epidemic prevention and control checkpoint, “How many people are on duty at the checkpoint?””Are the aliens and vehicles registered?”.Long pigeons to visit card point supplies, registration parameter, emergency handling process, etc., ask for details of institutes of fever clinics, vaccination, free point unattended, vehicles on duty personnel information registration, etc., told card point on duty personnel should pay attention to its own security, personal protection, strictly from solid fine the good level, ensure no leakage of a car, without missing a person,Resolutely guarding the first line of defense against foreign imports.During her supervision and inspection, she asked all important positions to further strengthen their political positions and raise their ideological awareness.We must resolutely put an end to paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality, and slackening our efforts. We must implement measures to ensure that “the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is our responsibility”, and firmly hold the bottom line and the safety line of epidemic prevention and control.Grasp the latest control measures, clear control process.When people from medium – and high-risk areas return to their hometowns, the emergency response plan is activated immediately, information of those returning to their hometowns is carefully checked, a ledger for the control and control of those returning to their hometowns is set up and reported in a timely manner, so as to build a “first barrier” for epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level.(Liu Zhenwei so Hongjia)