Does endometriosis have a relapse?

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Endometriosis is a common cause of female infertility, which has a large number of people is caused by endometriosis.Because of disease of endometriosis, the environment that can make pelvic cavity produces change, let pelvic cavity produce adhesion, the form of ovary and fallopian tube also can change.Fallopian tubes become blocked or lose their ability to pick up eggs, so eggs cannot be transported to the fallopian tubes and sperm cannot pass through, leading to infertility.Endometriosis is not a single disease, including ovaries, pelvic, peritoneal, adenomyosis and so on, because tissue from the endometrium can be planted in all parts of the body, including the lungs.When patients have menorrhagia, progressive dysmenorrhea, pain during sexual intercourse, serum CA125 was detected to be elevated. CA125 would be slightly elevated in mild endometriosis, and significantly elevated in severe cases.Endometriosis should be considered at this point.Imaging tests, such as color ultrasound, can determine the location, size, and shape of the endometriosis cyst (chocolate cyst) of the ovary.Can also do further CT, MR can also help check.Laparoscopy is also a treatment.Some patients may need laparoscopy, which is the gold standard for diagnosing endometriosis.Laparoscopy can observe the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, uterine sacrum and pelvic peritoneum to see if there are endometriosis lesions, but also can be treated at the same time.Do many patients worry about the occurrence of endodynia after surgery?Endometriosis is treatable, but difficult to cure completely. It is highly recurrent, with almost half the chances of recurrence after five years.Because every menstruation is likely to bring endometrium through ruptured small blood vessels along with the blood flow to other parts of the body and the formation of ectopic endometrial lesions, so every menstruation is likely to make endometriosis recurrence.Endometriosis is easy to relapse in addition to the surgical program, but also related to the patient’s age.For women approaching menopause, the risk of recurrence decreases due to decreased estrogen secretion function, while the risk of recurrence is relatively high in young women.The treatment after having a relapse is more difficult, for instance inside ovarian different disease cyst calls chocolate cyst again, after having a relapse still can undertake an operation and medicaments after operation are treated, but because the operation hurts ovary, have the possibility that brings about ovarian function premature decline.Endometriosis has a high risk of recurrence, but if the first surgery is done thoroughly and cleanly, the risk of recurrence is significantly reduced.At the same time, the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine should be adopted after surgery for treatment, adhere to taking medicine on time, or be pregnant as soon as possible, the probability of recurrence will be greatly reduced.