Focus | Honghe State Federation of Trade Unions in 2021 employee medical mutual assistance work outstanding results

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When the Spring Festival is approaching, honghe State federation of trade unions received a letter from yunnan province workers medical mutual aid center.This letter has affirmed the achievements of all levels of trade unions in Honghe State in the past year, and also made all levels of trade unions in Honghe State full of energy and confidence in the New Year’s work!As a project benefiting the people and serving the people, the activity of mutual medical assistance for workers in Yunnan Province has been deeply rooted in the people’s hearts after more than ten years of development, especially for workers in difficulties and seriously ill workers, which has been fully recognized by the society.Under the care and support of honghe Municipal Committee and state Government, Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and relevant departments, trade unions at all levels in Honghe Prefecture attach great importance to this livelihood work. Over the years, they have formed a working pattern in which the main leaders coordinate and take charge of the specific leaders.To organize and carry out good activities into the important work schedule, and listed as an important goal of the work of the trade union, further unified thinking, constantly refine the work measures, clear work responsibility, successfully completed the organization and implementation of various tasks.At the same time, according to the work requirements of “Internet +” of Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, yunnan Employee Medical Mutual Aid Center has improved the participation and subsidy approval system of employee medical mutual aid activities in combination with the demand of improving service mode of medical mutual aid activities.The seventeenth period of employee medical treatment mutual aid management system is based on the participation complementary assistance process reengineering, convenient workers and masses, reduce the grass-roots burden.From a single PC management end to the current PC and APP side complementary and parallel, the diversification and intelligence of subsidy application methods opened a new process of “let the data run errands more, let the masses run errands less”.Sick in the hospital staff need not like before, can only go to the grass-roots units and agencies to submit the subsidy application, now at home can be submitted through the mobile APP subsidy application, greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of staff medical mutual assistance activities subsidy handling, better serve the majority of workers.After the commissioning of the new system, honghe trade unions at all levels to overcome fear, eliminate laches sentiment, positive learning and working, improve work methods to actively reflect the worker masses in medical mutual work demands and desires, for all levels of party and government departments concerned, ask, research difficulties and problems in the mutual activities of worker medical treatment,We have organized and mobilized qualified enterprises and employees to participate in activities to the maximum extent, forming a work pattern featuring the attention of the Party and the government, social support and participation of employees.The number of participants has been increasing year by year, the audience has been increasing, and the results have been constantly shown.Under the full cooperation and cooperation of trade unions at all levels, the seventeenth period of employee medical mutual aid has been successfully completed, which has been well received by all walks of life.In 2021, a total of 315,437 employees from 2,988 units in Honghe Prefecture participated in the 17th period of employee mutual medical assistance.Among them, 15,862 new participants and 299,575 continued to participate in the program. The total amount of mutual aid received is 38.328,300 yuan, an increase of 1,070,082 yuan over the previous period.By the end of the seventeenth period of employee medical mutual aid work, the total subsidy of 48,288 employees, the subsidy amount of 33,066,615 million yuan.Among them, 46,937 person-times of less than 3,000 yuan were subsidized, and the amount of subsidy was 20,957,678 million yuan;3000 yuan to 10000 yuan for 1013 person-times, the amount of subsidy is 5,492,211 yuan;A subsidy of more than 10000 YUAN for 338 person-times is 6.616726 million yuan.In 2022, trade unions at all levels in Honghe Prefecture will continue to promote mutual medical assistance among workers to better serve the masses of workers.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: