Gaoyou cracked the “case in case” of illegally absorbing public deposits, and the downstream crime was superior to the upstream crime

2022-05-03 0 By

Yangtse Evening News network On January 28 (correspondent Cheng Sireporter Chen Yong), Gaoyou police reported a case value of more than 3 million yuan in the illegal absorption of public funds in the case of “case in case”, Gaoyou People’s Court recently made a judgment on the case, this is yangzhou’s first downstream crime is better than the upstream crime sentencing money laundering case.People’s banks of Yangzhou and Gaoyou made a special trip to the police to present the flag to thank them.Bank to the police to thank the police report, in early 2020, Gaoyou City Public Security Bureau economic investigation brigade investigated a company illegally absorb the public money case, found the “case in the case” clue, stare at the case, follow the line of deep digging, successfully detected Wang suspected of money laundering case, recovered frozen illegal income of more than 3 million yuan.After investigation, as the son of the suspect of the illegal absorption of public money case Wang mou, repeatedly use others’ bank cards, frequently through cash withdrawal, deposit and other ways to help their parents transfer in the case of non-absorption of illegal income more than 3 million yuan for the purchase of bank financial products.Specific approach, Wang mou through to others to buy a number of bank cards, the parents illegally raised money to buy the card, and then the money will be transferred to their card, to buy financial products.Proofreading Xu Hang