IOS15.4 Beta 3 update prompts iPhone users to check SOS emergency contact Settings

2022-05-03 0 By

Today Apple released its latest iOS 15.4 Beta 3 update.IOS 15.4 is certainly a big update, as it brings a ton of new features like unlocking Face ID while wearing a mask and universal controls, but there seems to be more to come.Following the release of iOS 15.4 Beta 3 to developers, some users noticed that they were now prompted to check their emergency contact Settings after the update.After installing the latest iOS 15.4 update on the iPhone, the Settings app displays a prompt asking users to check the Settings for the emergency contact feature, which is used to call emergency contacts when you hold down any volume and side buttons.According to the internal iOS file, the prompt is added to the system.However, while the reason for triggering the alert is unclear, it appears to only appear on users who do not have an emergency contact set up on their iPhone.Clicking this prompt takes the user to the emergency contact Settings.Once you or someone using your iPhone calls an emergency contact, iOS automatically sends a message to the person you choose and tells you the phone’s current location.Maybe Apple wants to make sure more people turn on this feature because it can save lives in an emergency.If you haven’t already set up emergency contacts on your iPhone, you don’t have to wait until you upgrade to iOS 15.4 to do so.You can now enable emergency contact by going to the Settings app, and emergency contacts can be selected from the Health app.IOS 15.4 Beta is now available to developers and public Beta users.The official release is expected this spring.