No one in the world loves you more than I do

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1, “little honey” author: small vinegar short book review: this article sweet pet not abuse, she is an art student, later into the entertainment circle.And male master early is just a simple relationship, and then the main female left male master found that the original obedient small white flower should slowly out of the control of sending a few, acquisitive outbreak so step by step she came back.Sweet style of writing when the mood is wonderful.2, “Ghost in the Mountains” author: Twentine Short book review: baby bird plot Sword ling and big La cheerful girl’s story, sword ling early yuan God not even lead to difficulties in speech thinking single line abnormal people, because of stealing medicine to get to know the kind of medicine girl, female because of sympathy for sword ling full of good will and sympathy sword Ling male hero so produce baby bird love.T big writing words, no pretentious elegant decoration, only simple clear description, the more simple but more see skill.3, “president every day for a hug” author: Chuanlan short book review: this book name looks a little Mary Sue, but it is said that there is basically no bad comment oh, male master when he was a child because of family reasons very bitter, also suffering from what crowd phobia, then she is in the male master world is a touch of sunshine.Grow up after two people meet again, she don’t remember men, men have always remember tying, even by their own efforts to stand on high, for Japanese career escort.The male protagonist is jealous, needy, and possessive of the female protagonist.Male battle team professional player, and she knew very early, has always been like Japanese, but early on she is cold, for fear of can’t control yourself, just like to annoy tying again draw attention to the Japanese, like are jealous, really lovely dog super small milk, male master teammates have fun 5, “what follows a poultry” author: north pour a short book review:Childhood friends + gao gan, this view began to men just tying to sleep, there is no feelings, men of tying this time I have a boyfriend not, after sleeping men afraid of responsible for, but not be responsible for oh ~ later and tying together is very good to her, men’s main character is very good, always feel real life and the boys together will be very happy.