Range Rover Evoque L: 2.0T+9AT+ four-wheel drive!Drive it on the street, than Mercedes, BMW and noodles?

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If you are tired of the bbAS on the street and want to go for a niche style, have you considered choosing a Land Rover?The most entry in the range Rover range, the Evoque L not only inherits the range Rover family’s high profile gene, but also has a longer wheelbase to appeal to Chinese tastes.In terms of power, the Range Rover Evoevol still uses the powertrain of the standard axle version. The all-wheel-drive system is standard for the entire series and is equipped with the second-generation intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system, offering a variety of driving modes including sport, economy, standard, off-road and snow.The First version of the Aurora L 249 PS R-Dynamic First Edition is powered by a 2.0T turbocharged engine with 249 HP and 365 N · m of torque, matched by a nine-speed manual transmission.The official 0-100km/h acceleration time is 8.2 seconds.The long wheelbase adds 55kg to the vehicle’s weight, which is like having an extra person in the car, with a negligible impact on power.The power reserve is relatively abundant, which can provide continuous power output in the middle and rear sections, but the acceleration is closer to the level of the medium power models at the same level, and the acceleration is not fast in body sense, which makes it difficult for people to secrete adrenaline.In the case of low and medium speed, the power output does not “follow”, slow acceleration when stepping less, and suddenly forward “jump” when stepping more.There is a gap between the performance of 9AT gearbox and the first echelon of luxury brands. In the daily driving process, the gearbox knows how to actively lift gear to reduce fuel consumption, and the smooth performance of shift can be guaranteed, but this is far from enough. There is still room for progress in shift speed and logic, and the downshift action in rapid acceleration should also be half a beat slower.The initial damping of the suspension is soft, the middle and rear sections have some toughness, and the fine bumps can be well filtered.However, in the rapid pressure over manhole covers, potholes and other roads, the action of the entire suspension is always not crisp, and with the occasional bouncing feeling.The lateral support is also inadequate, and there is a noticeable roll in corners, making it almost impossible to drive aggressively.Despite its strong off-road skills, this is clearly a car that leans towards city driving.Steering directivity is good, steering strength is “light at low speed, calm at high speed” calibration, daily walking is very easy.In terms of sound insulation, the wind noise and engine noise during cruising are in a reasonable range, and the chassis is completely isolated from the noise of the tires while driving, providing excellent calm performance.The expanded intake grille features a RANGE ROVER lettering and a RANGE ROVER headlight design that you can spot at night.The size of the Net has been further expanded, and the horizontal trim bar below the Net has been removed from the standard axle version, making it more consistent with the Range Rover Starvein and Range Rover Sport.The wheel uses a similar petal-like shape, and the temperament of the vehicle is very match.The whole system comes with a standard 20-inch rims, not stingy at all.The tyre match is the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO with 235/50 R20.Length, width and height: 4531/1904/1650mm Wheelbase: 2841mm The extended 160mm wheelbase is mainly used to increase the seat space of the back row, and the length of the rear door is significantly increased.The proportion of the body is still slightly compact, but it does not give the illusion of short body. With the black roof, the side shape of the car presents an elegant and sporty attribute.Tail contour plump and rounded, tail shape maintained the original high appearance level, without adding new design elements.The taillight shape echoes with the headlamp, and the taillight group extends to the rear wing sub-plate, making the rear of the car wider visually.The back row is no longer a short board interior design language whether it is in the sense of science and technology or luxury sense, have first-class level, in the same level seems to be difficult to find rivals.However, in terms of actual experience, I think there is still room for improvement. The function buttons inside the carriage are a little loose, giving people a general texture.The steering wheel is replaced with the latest style, and the spokes are wrapped in leather, with delicate touch and slightly fine grip.The 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard provides a clear display and supports multiple display modes.The fly in the ointment is that the response is a bit slow when switching between display screens.The dual 10.2-inch central control screen has excellent display clarity, and the reflection phenomenon can be well suppressed, but there is also the phenomenon of not smooth picture transition.In terms of functions, the upper screen is mainly responsible for multimedia system, supporting navigation, voice recognition, Internet of vehicles, CarPlay and other functions;The lower screen is mainly responsible for adjusting the vehicle air conditioning, driving mode and so on.The seat fabric uses black/white patchwork color scheme to create a high-level feeling.The filling material inside the seat is moderate in hardness and soft, giving consideration to the support, so that the passenger will not feel tired for a long time.In terms of configuration, the main and passenger seats support electric adjustment and seat heating functions.<<>> Rear seat space has been significantly improved, and daily use is completely adequate without complaint.The backrest of the rear seat supports electric adjustment, which is not common in the same class.In addition, the rear seats support optional seat heating function on high-volume models.Last but not least: The Range Rover Evoque L has an edge over its peers in terms of design and niche tonality.And after lengthening the wheelbase, made up for its own shortcomings, rear space is no longer the reason to reject it.From the perspective of practicality, it is obviously not a product with balanced performance in all aspects. It is more emotional than rational to choose it instead of a model with the same price, which may be more from a casual encounter, or the brand feelings that one yearned for in his heart.(Range Rover Evoque L official guide price 389,800 to 475,800 yuan)