Russian doomsday weapon “Poseidon” nuclear torpedo, one can destroy half of the United States?

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In the 20th century, mankind experienced two world wars, which made countries tired, but two countries emerged strong from global wars. One of them was the United States, and the other was the Soviet Union.But the two countries are strong for different reasons.For the United States, the profit-seeking characteristics of capitalism for capital forced it to increase foreign trade to obtain benefits. The two World Wars gave the United States an unprecedented opportunity to sell various types of weapons to many countries around the world, so as to make a lot of money.The Soviet Union, on the other hand, followed a different pattern of development.The Strength of the Soviet Union was built on a solid foundation of industrialization, and the Soviet Union was able to do so well in industrialization, one is due to the collapse of the chaotic world and it had to focus on improving its industrial capacity;The other is to develop the subjective initiative of socialist country greatly.Relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were never good. Even after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1933, the two countries had different ideas. The Soviet Union wanted to rely on the United States to open up western markets and gain more development opportunities, while the United States wanted to diversify its industries and increase exports to pull itself out of a severe economic crisis.After the end of world War II, subtle changes took place in the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. The secret war between the two countries seemed to be more and more open, which not only organized large-scale confrontation between national groups, but also launched fierce competition in the field of sensitive military weapons and equipment.Because at that time the United States and the Soviet Union in science and technology strength are very powerful, so the two countries take out their own skills, constantly developed a variety of powerful weapons and equipment.As we all know, the most revolutionary weapon developed by mankind in the 20th century was the nuclear weapon.Up to now, both countries are nuclear weapons powers. The combined number of nuclear warheads of the two countries has exceeded 8,000, enough to destroy all mankind.Still, they were not content with the status quo, and both countries had developed far more advanced nuclear torpedoes during the second world War.Speaking of nuclear torpedoes, we should first know what a torpedo is and the difference between a normal torpedo and a nuclear torpedo.Torpedo is an attack weapon that can maintain medium and high speed sailing in water. The main purpose of torpedo development is to use it to attack ships.The biggest difference between a nuclear torpedo and a conventional torpedo is that, on the one hand, it uses a nuclear reactor as its power system, which makes its range far higher than a conventional torpedo, and on the other hand, it carries a nuclear warhead, which is much more destructive.In the middle of the last century, the United States successfully developed and commissioned a nuclear torpedo called mK-45.The MK-45 torpedo had already existed, but was first installed by the United States in 1956.With an explosive force of about 10 kilotons of TNT and a range of 15 nautical miles, it has an effective kill range of 11 kilometers.More than 600 mK-45s were produced by the United States, mainly for the purpose of countering the Soviet Union during the Cold War.The Soviet Union also developed t-5 and Type 65 nuclear torpedoes with a diameter of 0.65 meters. The latter has the same explosive power as the U.S. and has a radius of 2 kilometers larger than the U.S. nuclear torpedo.However, the Soviet Union felt that such a torpedo of American quality would not be a deterrent, so it later developed the T-15 nuclear torpedo based on the T-5, which had a diameter of 1.5 meters and a range of 50 nautical miles.It is obvious, however, that no advanced torpedo can have a better range than a missile, because underwater navigation limits its effective range due to the high resistance of the water itself.The average nuclear torpedo weighs more than 10 kilograms and has an explosive force equal to or less than the atomic bomb that exploded in Hiroshima, Japan.Inherited from the Soviet union, however, the vast majority of the Russian military ability is a lesson to us, they developed a called “Poseidon” nuclear torpedo, carrier sailing distance up to 10000 kilometers, the largest of the torpedo range has reached 10000 kilometers, the damage radius of more than 1500 kilometers, the maximum depth is 1000 meters.What’s more, such a monster can sail at a maximum speed of more than 180 kilometers per hour underwater, which is four times the maximum sailing speed of the most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the world.Nuclear torpedoes can usually be carried and launched by aircraft, surface ships and underwater nuclear submarines, but Poseidon was significantly different from its predecessors when it was developed. It was more of an underwater drone than a nuclear torpedo.Russia since 2015, decided to restart nuclear torpedo “Poseidon” research and development work, has invested more than $one hundred million of costs, the cost is so high, the United States, and the western countries for a tight and its own strategic security cannot be comparable to those of the cases of conventional weapons, it certainly doesn’t stop at random the r&d work, regardless of the appeal,Despite sanctions and military threats, Russia has continued to develop a new generation of nuclear torpedoes.How much of a threat did Poseidon pose to the United States?As we mentioned earlier, its speed is more than 180 km/h, which means that even if a US carrier strike group detected it and immediately turned around and ran away at its maximum sailing speed, it would eventually be overtaken and destroyed.With such high speed, such depth and such range, there was no way for the US to intercept Poseidon.Even more frightening, Poseidon’s nuclear warhead carries a warhead of 1 million tons of TNT, which is tens of times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.The United States is now worried about its carrier battle groups, because one Poseidon is enough to wipe out the entire fleet of one, or even two, nuclear-powered carrier battle groups in close proximity to each other.But America’s concerns are clearly misplaced, because Russia’s aim with this doomsday weapon is much more than that. In other words, Poseidon’s target is not a carrier strike group, at least its primary target is not a carrier strike group, but the US mainland.Such a monster, if detonated in the coastal areas of the United States, is bound to let coastal facilities and maritime facilities instantly destroyed, its tsunami, not only a huge destructive force, but also with radioactive materials, serious pollution of the coastal areas of the United States.Even so, some argue, those farther from the coast should remain.But, like an atomic bomb, the direct damage from a nuclear torpedo may still be only a fraction of its full power.The shock wave that preceded it, and the long radiation that followed, were the scariest part of it.Moreover, because Poseidon is an unmanned underwater vehicle with a great range, it could dive into the waterways of the American interior that connect to the ocean and detonate, leaving no city untouched.But Poseidon, which could wipe out half the United States with one, is not without its flaws.As mentioned in the previous article, Poseidon is huge in size, which requires the weapon platform carrying Poseidon to be larger in size. Generally, the nuclear powered submarine currently in service, no matter it is offensive nuclear submarine or strategic missile nuclear submarine, cannot successfully launch it.Russia seems to be able to meet Poseidon’s “requirements” only by retrofitting existing submarines.Although Poseidon can evade U.S. anti-missile systems, submarines carrying it will not be as fast.That is, before it can be launched, if a nuclear submarine is found and destroyed by the US military, the weapon will have no chance of being used.Aside from being easy to detect, listen to and intercept because of its size and slow speed, Poseidon had a huge problem.As mentioned above, “Poseidon” can dive to a depth of 1,000 meters, but the maximum diving depth of a submarine is about 200 meters. In such a deep sea, how to make “Poseidon” timely and accurate “communication” with the commanding personnel on land is a huge difficulty.If it failed to do so, Poseidon could have crashed into an undersea volcano during its voyage.But even with its flaws, the Poseidon is a powerful nuclear torpedo that, once developed, will surely become an important strategic weapon for Russia.Given the current state of relations between the United States and Russia and the level of mutual distrust, perhaps only the advent of such weapons can make the United States learn rationality, respect and equality, and ensure the continued peace between the two powers with the most nuclear warheads in the world.