“Safe and Happy Chinese Year” “Accompany with heart” is the best gift for parents during Spring Festival

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The Spring Festival is the biggest expectation for those who are away from home.As we get older, most of us are away from home for study and work, and have less chance to go home and spend less time with our parents.The Spring Festival has become the longest holiday that most people spend with their parents in a year.But many young people think that just being back home is the greatest comfort to their parents.Some people hold the mobile phone all day do not give up do not look up, addicted to the network world;Some people even sleep until sunrise every day, ready to eat and ready to eat.They are not willing to communicate too much with their parents, and they rush off to other places without saying a few words to their parents during the Whole Spring Festival holiday.”Book of Songs” says, “My father gave birth to me, and my mother bowed to me.He wounded me by raising me.Gu me answer me, in and out of the abdomen I.To repay the virtue, Wu Tian pole.”Parents are beyond description.Filial piety is the first good, filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.The Spring Festival holiday is not long. For those who work outside, they may only have one chance to go home once a year. Apart from visiting relatives and friends and the time spent on the road, there is not much time to really accompany their parents.In these few days, if we do not do the heart to accompany, until the “son to raise but do not stay” day will be too late to regret.So put down the phone, take action, spend more time, be more patient, and spend time with your parents.We can help parents do housework, cleaning, shopping together, go to the market to buy food, cooking together, let parents also taste our craft;You can sit on the sofa with your parents to talk, talk about study, talk about work, talk about life, share our success and joy, worry and sorrow, but also listen to parents nagging, pay attention to their mental health;We can take our parents to the mall and buy them a new suit of clothes, just like they would buy us new clothes every Chinese New Year when we were children.Can accompany parents to take a walk, take them to the surrounding park, conditional can take parents to the surrounding tourism……There are so many things we can do. The key is whether we are willing to do them or not.For the company of parents, we need to spend more thought, do something within our power, with practical action to understand the hard work of parents, love their not easy.Maybe because of age, culture and other reasons, parents can not keep up with our pace, and we have conflicting views, at this time we should put away our impatience, do not quarrel with them, but patiently communicate with them to explain.We should know how to tolerate them with our hearts, and return them with love.”Life has a place where parents are;Parents go, life only return.”Don’t wait to lose to regret.Dear friends, please cherish every opportunity to return home and accompany your parents more.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com