The Russian mainland was attacked by surprise, reveal four information!Is the Us media breaking the rules?

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Fires were burning and black smoke rose into the sky…Just when it was thought Russia and Ukraine were making tentative progress in peace talks, an unexpected turn of events has taken place.For the first time in more than a month since the conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine, Russia itself has been attacked.For the first time!Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Dmitry Konashenkov said Thursday that two Mi-24 attack helicopters from Ukraine entered Russian airspace “at a very low altitude” and launched missile attacks on oil products storage facilities on the outskirts of Belgorod.Konashenkov said individual storage tanks were damaged and caught fire.The oil product storage facility only provides fuel for civilian vehicles and has nothing to do with the Russian military.Russian President Vladimir Putin was first informed of the attack.File photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin watches military exercises through binoculars.According to Belgoro State Governor Gladkov said that two oil depot workers were injured in the attack, has received emergency treatment, no deaths.Residents on three nearby streets were relocated to safer places, Sputnik reported.About 70 people and 20 sets of equipment were involved in the second-level fire, which was put out in more than 10 hours.Rosneft said on its official Telegram account that oil reserves in Belgorod and adjacent areas were sufficient to last for more than 15 days.Russian Energy Minister Shulkinov also said that the incident will not have any impact on local oil prices and supply.The key!What were the attackers up to?Russian civilian oil storage facilities have been hit by A Ukrainian air strike.Image credit: Russian Emergency Situations Ministry.In view of this emergency, several key information can be extracted first: first, the attack location and attack method are clever.The attack took place in Belgorod, about 40km from the border with Russia and north of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, making it easier for the attackers to retreat.The attack took place roughly at night, and the attackers flew very low, bypassing Russian air defense systems.This shows that the Russian side is not only tactically careless, but also psychologically lax, because it did not make a plan in advance for the possible “surprise attack” by The Ukrainian side.The whereabouts of the attackers are unknown.Russia has disclosed only the damage, but no information on how it dealt with the attackers.There has been much speculation but no official announcement.Third, the attackers did not target A Russian military facility, but a civilian one.This means that the attacker predicted the cost, and he chose his victims carefully.Iv. The attack did not cause serious casualties or damage to local resources.Is this the result of the attacker’s limited ability, or deliberate control?Russia says a storage facility for oil products has been attacked inside the country.Combined with this information, can you give a rough picture of the attackers’ intentions?First, the scale of the attack was extremely limited. At best, the Russian military equivalent of “punching” Ukraine, someone spitting in Russia’s face, was negligible militarily.Secondly, although the loss is not serious, we cannot ignore the premeditated nature of the attack and the objective results of the successful execution of the mission.The fact that Russia, as a military power, failed to notice the “surprise attack” indicates that there are some problems such as “understating the enemy”.Of course, after the incident, The Russian Kursk state security departments have entered a state of high alert.Third, since there was no serious damage, why planned this “surprise attack”?This question calls for a more detailed exploration of the details behind the incident.Subtle!Ukraine does not confirm or deny, American media is broken?Hours after the oil depot attack, Reuters reported that a witness who did not want to be named said there were planes flying in Belgorod and sustained explosions coming from the border.A surveillance video verified by Reuters showed what appeared to be a low-altitude missile flash, followed by an explosion on the ground.There were no further reports on the incident.CNN said it geolocated and verified social media videos.The video showed two helicopters flying over the Russian city of Belgorod, near the Ukrainian border, but it said it “could not confirm that ukrainians were in the helicopters”.File photo: Ukrainian helicopters strike the donetsk region.Can’t confirm if it’s Ukrainian?This speculation by the American media is very interesting.Combined with Ukraine’s response, the story becomes even more intriguing.”I want to stress that Ukraine is carrying out defensive actions against Russia’s ‘aggression’ on Ukrainian territory,” Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Andrei Motuzyanik said in a televised address on April 1.”This does not mean that Ukraine is responsible for every miscalculation, incident or disaster that occurs on the territory of the Russian Federation,” he noted.This is not the first time we have seen such allegations.Therefore, I will neither confirm nor deny this information.”Russian firefighters try to extinguish a burning oil tank.Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations “neither confirms nor denies”. Is Ukraine’s statement revealing an atmosphere of “I know but I won’t tell”?At the very least, it suggests that there is a desire not to de-escalate the conflict as quickly as possible, or that it is mainly for emotional provocation to provoke Russia again.Turning point?Will the Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine be affected?In fact, as recently as April 1, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that peace talks with Ukraine had made progress and that Russia was preparing to respond to Ukraine’s proposal.Mr. Lavrov said the Authorities in Kiev had shown “a lot more understanding” of the situation in Crimea and the Donbas region and the need for Ukraine to remain neutral.He said Ukrainian negotiators recognized the need to ensure Ukraine’s non-nuclear and non-bloc status and its security outside the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance.Meanwhile, Lavrov stressed the importance of continuing the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.On March 29, local time, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations held face-to-face talks in Istanbul, Turkey.But late that night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech told a different story.Mr. Zelensky warned that the Russian military was reorganizing and consolidating military deployments in the east and south of the country, including the besieged mariupol region, in preparation for a “strong offensive.”He believes this is part of Russian tactics.Washington agrees.A senior American defense official said Russia’s focus on Donbas could portend a “longer, more protracted conflict.”The Ministry of Defence believes some Russian troops currently deployed in Georgia will be sent to Ukraine as reinforcements.The Russian army will be reorganized into three tactical battalions.As a result, many western countries, including the United States, Britain and Australia, are sending reinforcements to Ukraine.File photo: A damaged bridge in Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, Ukraine.Singapore lianhe zaobao analysis, in the face of conflict, the western countries have military assistance, on the surface of claiming to support “against Russia” in Ukraine, but Europe and the United States of mind calculation is questioned by many countries, so assistant, is to add fuel to the fire, intend to make Ukraine “shura field” of Russia.But in Zelensky’s view, European and American countries did not fully provide support, for Ukraine’s previous expectations, the gap is quite significant.Therefore, no matter how much Europe and the United States shout for help, Ukraine will not be able to take or demand anything without substantial benefits.In view of the current situation of russia-Ukraine negotiations, if there is any variable, I am afraid that western countries will be the “silent spoiler”, which does not hope that Ukraine will easily bow down.It is difficult to be optimistic about the future of the negotiations unless there is a military breakthrough, which requires Kiev to quickly plan and “stem the bleeding”.(