The first day of “Tiger” year | Children’s immersive experience of “safety first lesson”

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Hualong network – new chongqing client on February 16 at 15:27 (chief reporter She Zhenfang intern Dai Ziyan) “if you encounter violent terrorist attacks, how to protect yourself?””Run to a crowded place and shout for help as you run!””Right, but also remember these three points, the first is not silly stand in situ, the second to choose a safe escape line, the third use the environment around to ensure safety distance…”This morning (16), in Chongqing Science City Experimental Primary School yongxiang primary school (hereinafter referred to as Yongxiang Experimental Primary school), the children are learning safety knowledge seriously through interaction with the coach.It is reported that the school’s “first lesson” is “safety first lesson” as the theme, children through interactive learning, improve their ability to protect themselves.The officer gave the students their first lesson, teaching them how to protect themselves.Wang Jing, the principal of yongxiang experimental small school, told reporters that the school gave full play to the safety culture education function, at the beginning of the school to organize the “safety education first lesson” activities, display the combination of safety education, take a number of measures, a good school safety first lesson.On the same day, the school invited police officers to the campus to carry out the first lecture on the rule of law and safety under the national flag, and hired security coaches to carry out anti-terrorism and anti-riot education activities. Immersive participation, close experience and popularization of science in many aspects made the “First lesson of school safety” full of goods.The safety instructor taught the students how to use the fire extinguisher properly.Each class organized the first safety lesson of the new semester, and took various forms of education, such as safety scene experience and watching safety education videos, to strengthen epidemic protection, traffic, fire prevention, accidental injury prevention, fraud prevention, drowning prevention and other safety education.It is worth mentioning that the school also based on the perspective of children, carry out safety activities such as “safe crossing the road” and “magic fire extinguisher”, adopt situational experiential teaching, let the safety education infiltrate children’s heart.The school also invited fire safety officers face to face classes, on-site teaching practice fire fighting, improve safety skills;We gathered all teachers to carry out epidemic prevention and control drills, and organized school safety teachers to carry out emergency drills and training;Carry out campus security checks, continue to strengthen campus and surrounding security work, to ensure that the school safety.The children actively participated in the interactive activities.It is reported that Chongqing High-tech Zone will comprehensively carry out the first class of “five high-tech” for the spring semester of 2022, including “the first class of the semester – set sail on a new journey”, “safety first class”, “mind cultivation first class”, “rule of law first class” and “home school community first class”.High-tech zone public service officials said, to “five” first class as an opportunity, combining the reality of students, through the class meeting, the team will, subject courses, practice activities and various paths, continue to carry out various forms of thematic education activity, guides the student to do art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development of socialist builders and successors.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)