The first regular meeting of the Ministry of National Defense in 2022 is refreshing and refreshing

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The first regular meeting of the Ministry of National Defense in 2022 is really invigorating and refreshing!According to the traditional Chinese calendar, the day before yesterday was off-year in northern China, and yesterday was off-year in southern China.In The Eyes of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival is officially entered after the little New Year.The year of the Tiger is coming.For Chinese soldiers, tigers are not only fierce beasts walking in the mountains, but also contain a special emotional sustenance.From tifu to Hujiang to Huben, the ancient people have deeply rooted the element of tiger in the army, and even derived as a spiritual symbol.Among the hero units of our army, the most frequently named animals are “Tiger”, “Tiger Company”, “Sea Tiger Boat”, “Night Tiger Regiment”, “White Tiger Company” and so on.It is no exaggeration to say that the tiger power of these heroic troops represents the military power of the people’s army.Some people in western countries in the United States must be extremely uncomfortable when they see Chinese soldiers being aggressive and aggressive, so they will try their best to discredit them.Four out of 10 questions and answers at the first regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense in 2022 directly or indirectly refuted the HYPing up of the so-called “China threat” by the US and the West.There are both “the United States is the biggest risk source international security” call a spade a spade, also has “the Chinese don’t do ‘stress’, ‘stress’, is resolutely opposed to the United States to other countries’ coercive diplomacy” hardcore response, and America and Japan and other countries tell gross interference in China’s internal affairs “of the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) determination rock solid, growing ability means,It is not just talk.”Every word hit at the key, every lift qi awake!I also noticed that when asked about the possibility that the United States and its Allies might continue to hold military exercises and training in China’s vicinity before, during and after the Beijing Winter Olympics, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, stressed that the Chinese military is fully prepared for external provocations and emergencies.As a matter of fact, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin also responded to this question at the regular meeting of the Foreign Ministry on February 14.We hope that a successful Winter Olympics will bring hope for human cooperation to overcome difficulties.The resolution, adopted unanimously by the 76th General Assembly, urges all countries to abide by the armistice agreement, cease hostilities and strive to promote peace and human understanding from seven days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to seven days after the closing of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games.All parties should earnestly follow this spirit, which is not only their responsibility and obligation, but also the common aspiration of the international community.If the statement of the foreign Ministry spokesman is the light of the right path, the statement of the Defense Ministry spokesman is the confidence and strength.A successful Winter Olympics is what people around the world expect.It is also an act of responsibility, sincerity and friendship for China to promote the Olympic Cause, promote the cause of peace for mankind and enhance the cultural integration of countries and ethnic groups in the world amid the global epidemic.On the other hand, the United States, with the purpose of containment and ensnaring China, failed to persuade other countries to “not attend the conference”, and then tried to deter China with the trick of military exercise, which also deterred about 90 countries and regions attending the conference.It is a common trick of the United States to turn a sports event into a showpiece and use the so-called “military exercises” to steal the limelight, show off their presence and stand out from the crowd, so as to achieve ulterior goals.China’s Defense Ministry responded directly and forcefully.In the face of overt or subtle provocations from the US side, it is clear that we are ready to take a serious position. This way of response is to use a formula of Jiuyang Truth Classic by Jin Yong in The Book “Relying on Heaven and Killing Dragons”, that is, “He is ruthless and he is evil, and I am full of real gas”!To a swordsman, “true qi” is the courage when facing the wicked, but also hidden in the sleeve of the sword roaring out;For an army, “true spirit” is the confidence to deal with the threat of war, but also combat-ready morale.History and reality have proved time and again that only when soldiers have a tight grip on their steel guns can the waist of a country not collapse and the knees of the people not bend.With lofty firm belief and deep historical background of the people’s army, was born in the war, has experienced numerous blood, war victory genes have been engraved on his bones, into the blood, prepares for war never relax will never relax, always in a temper to cope with external provocation, emergency war fighting ability and accomplishment.Because, horse fang Nanshan, knives and guns into storage has never been the style of the Chinese army!China Military network wechat (ZGJW_81) by Li Jingxuan Editor: Yang Xiaolin