There is no best way to live

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Life is a simple existence.Live well, live happily, find the best way to live, is our lifelong pursuit.It is very important to say that there are two special keys to life.One day comes out of the womb into the world.The other day is about finding a clear purpose.You know what works for you.It’s sad to live a life designed by someone else without being your own master.Recently, I heard the famous economist, Professor Chen Zhiwu of Yale University in the United States, tell a SOB story.He had a visiting scholar from China who was assigned to study historical documents.But this brilliant man was not interested in majors.Yale university is one of the world’s top comprehensive institutions of higher learning.16 categories of professional performance, average guy in six categories is already a wizard.Professor Chen’s students, originally studying historical documents, had one year of postgraduate study.He signed up for a part-time art show and won all 16 categories.He became a prodigy at Yale.Chen Zhiwu sighed, you so like performance, and talented, how to choose the boring history and humanities?He said that his life was designed by his parents and his college major was decided by them.The parents who worked so hard to raise their children chose a life they did not like.Mr. Chen Zhiwu took this case to criticize the “good children” under the Chinese education method, who have no personality and no creativity.In the case of many boys and girls, working in jobs they don’t like and living under compulsion.It’s hard to live a life you don’t like.The penultimate emperor of the Ming dynasty was Zhu Youxiao, also known as The Carpenter Emperor Mingxi Zong.The emperor is the son of heaven, and the supreme position is coveted by many people.But Zhu Youxiao hated this kind of supreme day.His favorite way to live was as a craftsman.Since childhood like ink fountain, saw, wood planer and other woodworking appliances.At the age of 16, I involuntarily became the emperor and was very tired of this job.He was lazy about governing the country. When he came to the throne room, he looked sad.He entrusted power to a group of eunuchs and ministers.As soon as he was free, he would drill to the carpenter’s workshop, pick up the wood saws, swing his arms and legs to do coolies.The whole body is carefree, beaming, very proud and happy.After seven years on the throne, a good young man was worn out by anxiety.She died in her 20s.What’s the reason? The emperor job is killing him.Those who read history will be sorry.If Emperor Mingxi had chosen his preferred way of living, he must have been a great craftsman.The pain of being an emperor is probably the first I’ve heard of it.Zhu Youxiao must have been deeply depressed, regretting that he had been born in the hated golden nest, which was not as comfortable as living in the grass nest of the common people.There is only one best way to live, and that is to find your true self and live your life the way you like.The best way to live is the one that suits you.It’s really hard.Directing movies and TV shows is a job full of regrets.No work is perfect, once broadcast flaw to find hundreds of flaw.It was carefully crafted, choreographed by a bunch of creators.In the process of filming again and again, again and again, the result is still a sigh.A good work of self-congratulation can also be criticized.The greater the fame, the greater the disgrace.Because ten thousand people have ten thousand appetites, art appreciation and cooking seasoning, the right taste is good.Literature and stories are designed for others to read, but people are living for themselves.Many friends think I am an enlightened old guy and ask me what is the best way to live.Oh, this is the first problem in the world.Wry smile answer, son non fish, I non you.What the dog thinks, what the donkey thinks, can’t guess wow.What do you think? How do you live? I’m not you.The answer to the trick is.The highest state of Buddhist practice is that the best living person is nothing more than this, three words, eat delicious food.Sleep with a smile on his face.Something as simple as drinking water.I remember reading a controversial story before.There are graphic explanations and speeches.A leisurely and wild environment, under the blue sky and white clouds, gurgling brook bridge, wearing a bamboo hat old man sitting on a small bench, fishing, not Jiang Taigong, more like Jiang Taigong.Beside the banks of the stream, under the shade of willow trees, lay old peasants enjoying the cool.Then there was a conversation between two old men.Fishing old man is a company retired chairman of the board, finally from the liberation of the dust chu come.Smelling the wild air, accompanied by blue sky birds, leisurely as fairies.He envied the old farmer very much, and naturally enjoyed the tao Yuanming realm all his life without the hard work of suffering.Picking chrysanthemums under the east hedge, leisurely see nanshan.If I knew life was so pure, why be kidnapped by greed.Is not the result of the pursuit of life the natural status quo of the farmer?Lying in the shade, I was tired of fishing.But the farmer did not understand him.You said you had a car a house a ticket a plane in the sky a bullet train underneath.He moved to Europe to go to America, and he picked up foreign girls.How comfortable how to come, just to the side of this depression time light.This is silly.If you think this idyllic scenery is good, loess fragrant green grass beautiful, why struggle all your life to make money as a boss, a born farmer is not harder?In the end, the two old men couldn’t agree.Because one is standing on a tall building to see the scenery, one is stepping on the flat landscape.Each has his own way of life.Who belongs to the happy way of life, can not be measured.Happiness, just a sense of satisfaction, and holding a number of money has nothing to do.People in life have more troubles, more troubles.Because when you’re an adult, life doesn’t go the way you wanted it to go, the way you wanted it to go.Succumbing to reality, helpless choice.Parents, units, leaders, school field workplace, want to freedom, nowhere freedom, can not freedom.Then there is the lure of fame.It’s normal to lose your heart in the face of temptation.The innocence left in the world is a beginner’s mind, but for the sake of five meters, kneel down in front of power money color is also very normal.Beginner’s mind, pale and powerless on the secular stage.It’s a sad way to live without your original purpose.The road, the reverse movement.Only a few hold it.Change is difficult.Under the wind of various cultures, the purple lotus cannot keep its upright position.People did not do, longwangshu.Wave after wave of fame and fortune chase, soon this time of life away.Do retirement time only deep sigh, this life should seize the things did not seize.The fundamental reason is to lose the original mind, lost the due way to live.There is one way to live best.In recent years, as the saying often says, keep the original intention.Beginner’s mind, many people have different interpretations.Some say that the beginner’s mind is a Buddha’s heart, a perfect pure unpolluted sincerity.The primordial mind is described as too sacred.In fact, beginner’s mind comes from people’s innate simple understanding, innate simplicity, is a childhood dream, is their own life.The common people say it is something brought from the blood and bone.Primacy is a priori motive.Some children are born with special love to sing, like dancing, artistic talent, lifelong desire, the original heart remains unchanged.Some are fond of mathematics and mathematics, while others are fond of thinking and have the gift of philosophical speculation.If you get what you want in life and do what you love, you will feel full of acquisition.Make it or break it. It’s gonna be great.Sadly, most people fail to keep that original intention.Life is always wrong.It’s impossible to meet the right person at the right time.Parents can’t read children, teachers can’t see through students, and leaders have jobs.From small to large, the heart is lonely.The original heart, like hidden low now, even their own are difficult to catch.People have dreams, romantic ideals, since sensible to the end, has been floating in the mind, this thing is called the original mind.The beginner’s mind is perfect, which is a way of living.Living method specific activation comes out, it is special hobby.As a child, teachers like to ask in class, what is your specialty, what is your hobby?Specialty is our personalized beginner’s mind, is the work of the soul.Do you have any special skills?Specialty and living method is very related, is the blood level, ashes level of interest.Ming Xi Zong did not want to be the bird emperor of The Palace, but there was no way to block it.Under this kind of circumstance he is infatuated not to change, practice beginner’s mind, free secretly pull saw plane wood, happy.Also calculate did not live up to the god to the original heart.History added a bad political fool, but he himself died in peace, not in vain.Also left the name carpenter emperor empty ancient absolutely today.If you ask Ming Xi Zong, live value, he will say value.I lived up to myself.In old age, the regret of many people is to wander all their lives, not to be able to do their favorite career, not to realize the dream of youth.This is not lost, vanity fair is busy lost, ignored the face now twilight hidden heart.Regret not doing what you love.Live a lifetime of the society, worthy of the family, but sorry themselves, sad self-knowledge.There is no one best way to live, the way that suits you is a good choice.The realm of freedom and tolerance is the common pursuit.People so little energy, with enough milk strength, at best toss not how big world.But people’s potential is amazing, stick to do one thing, perseverance, really can move god to help.Musk, an American technology fanatic, likes to explore mysteries and challenge the limits of human life.Actually went to Mars, and is going to take people to Mars.Musk lives in a way that no one else can.Those who can make their dreams come true are too extravagant.Our ordinary people’s dreams come true, many in the network chicken soup show, twinkle in the wish speech.Really want to realize their dreams, many people have no confidence, do not work hard.Therefore, the ancients wrote pessimistic poems regretfully before the dry year, the great river flows away, when to return to the west, a young man does not work hard, an old man is a beggar.Liu Huan that song singing, thousands of miles I pursue you….What to pursue? Sometimes I don’t know what to pursue with all this effort and what to expect.Look at the sky every day, the sea but three thousand thousand world, far but eight thousand miles of clouds and the moon, blankly.The road is at your feet, the imagination is big and your heart is big.Nothing is worth pursuing, nothing is worth doing.There is no need to compare, there is no need to live in envy every day.It’s not easy for anyone.The best way to live is to manage your own space.Don’t ask for the moon, not many people will care about you.Live the life you want to live, make a dream big or small, make even half the game you love.The best way to live is to dream yourself into reality.(Source: Gibberish)